oboe d'amore

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an oboe pitched a minor third lower than the ordinary oboe

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Miss Consoli's solo, Laudamus te, with violin obbligato, was very well done and contralto Sarah Rose Taylor's dialogue with the oboe d'amore in Qui sedes was graceful, though Ms.
Next come two more types of oboes, oboe d'amore (13), and the oboe da caccia (11) (Table 7).
4] Oboe d'amore, violoncello piccolo, strings, concerted organ, b.
Audience participation added a hummed drone to Adrian Lee's Peace for Vayu, an Indian journey for oboe d'amore, tablas and tambourine.
Soprano Sibylla Rubens sang the first two solos, letting her buoyant personality and pleasing voice sail through "Et exultavit" and then take a melancholy turn for an elegant duet with Allan Vogel's oboe d'amore.
Recent recordings of these pieces by Albrecht Mayer (Music for Oboe, Oboe d'amore, Cor anglais and Piano, EMI Classics 7243 5 73167 2 9, 1999) and Keisuke Wakao (Canzonetta, Denon COCO80836, 1998), among others, amply demonstrate the viability of these passages.
Orchestral support sounded authentically Baroque in terms of pitch and articulation, with some telling flute and oboe d'amore contributions.
The preface lists Graupner's many unpublished concertos; more interesting than those selected might have been the several works notable for their extremely unusual scorings, including various combinations of viola d'amore, oboe d'amore, flauto d'amore, and bass chalumeau.
Yet to go through the whole procedure again, notwithstanding the sympathetic collaboration of oboe d'amore player Christine Pendrill in the 1984 CBSO commission Vers l'arc-en-ciel, Palma was to arouse impatience with what now emerged as incessant guitar doodlings and a double dose of subliminal reliance upon aspects of the Berg Violin Concerto - now there's a genuine masterpiece.
A break in the middle of the concerto leads to a florid solo for oboe d'amore that explores the intriguingly sensual lower range of the instrument.
The oboe d'amore and oboe da caccia had only just been copied and skill in the playing of these instruments was gained by the challenge of the Telefunken recordings, with a very stimulating result.
The emotionally suggestive violin writing finds complementary shadings from cimbalom and oboe d'amore timbres.
These are all reconstructions of putative originals from what have survived as harpsichord concertos: for oboe and violin in C minor (from BWV1060 for two harpsichords); for oboe in F major (from movements with obbligato organ in Cantatas 49 and 169, but which in turn were arranged from the same Vorlage as BWV1053 in E major), and G minor (from BWV1056 in F minor); and for oboe d'amore in A major (from BWV1055 in the same key).
Telemann also used muted oboe in his adaptation of Handel's Ottone and muted oboe d'amore in his opera Miriways (Kleefeld, 264, n.
Compared to Dirksen's dazzling flights of imagination, Werner Breig sticks pretty close to the ground when considering details of Bach's arranging process in adapting a lost oboe d'amore concerto to harpsichord as evidenced by the surviving autograph materials of the A-major Concerto (BWV 1055).