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Synonyms for obloquy

Synonyms for obloquy

state of disgrace resulting from public abuse


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In the process, they are subjected to abuse, public scorn and obloquy. And all these are done with impunity by the investigating legislators, who are protected by the mantle of parliamentary immunity.
As absolute power corrupts absolutely, the Vatican too could not escape the obloquy associated with wealth, lust and greed.
Further discoveries were made in the UK, and suddenly much of the European food industry was engulfed in obloquy. Horsemeat sourced from places like Romania and Poland had been used in products sold across Europe by everybody from Nestle in Switzerland to Findus in Sweden.
Lord Justice Leveson replied, to our great relief: " I don't actually think that anybody was thinking about stifling the Press or the public in relation to disclosing acts of moral obloquy or criminality."
The Dog has a downer on daft names for new and make-over bars, and has set up a spoof pub design outfit which will give establishments names such as aspire, barramundi, bar dado, enculer, flange, gnu, hubris, impetigo, jodhpur, komodo-modo, the.laundry, mauve, narcissus, obloquy, quinquereme, resume, sputum, underlay, varicosa, whelk, yarmulke or zabaglione.
Originally trained as a geologist, I never liked the popular depiction of the history of science as determined men overcoming hardship and obloquy to make great discoveries.
starts believing-as conservative sovereigntists like Rabkin have assiduously encouraged it to believe--that it owes no one an account of how it treats non-nationals, it can find itself creating a global detention and interrogation policy which incurs global obloquy without adding an iota to the security of its own soldiers and citizens.
Many of them must have felt like Bob Dole, crippled for life by his injuries in the Second World War, who was unlikely to have been drawn into questioning the seriousness of Kerry's wounds, as he did on CNN, until he was irritated into it by the indiscriminate obloquy heaped on the Swift Boat Veterans even for legitimate criticisms.
Because if the author meant Carrie to be the sweet searcher willing to suffer a little (short-lived) obloquy learning her way in life, that's one thing, a rather standard approach to a popular theme.
Lee refers only once (in a footnote) to Christy Desmet's Reading Shakespeare's Characters." Rhetoric, Ethics and Identity (Amherst, MA, 1992), but it seems to me that his book, like hers, takes on the important challenge of finding ways of talking about 'character' that redeem the term from critical obloquy.
The decisions of these tribunals are seen to have so strong a moral force that governments face obloquy at home and abroad if they fail to give effect to them.
The whole world has given heroic figures to humanity, who in the face of persecution and obloquy have lived and fought for their right and the right of mankind to free and unstinted expression.
That has not been possible for the longest time because of the obloquy heaped upon that city.
Even beyond public obloquy, anyone working for or doing business with the state of California would understandably be leery of advertising that they were trying to oust the president of the state Senate.
The plaintiff said he had suffered considerable distress, odium, obloquy, ridicule in political analysis in the media.