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a plane figure that deviates from a square or circle due to elongation

(of a leaf shape) having a somewhat elongated form with approximately parallel sides

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deviating from a square or circle or sphere by being elongated in one direction

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Specialising in unearthing beautiful handmade products from Fair Trade companies in Japan, China, the Philippines, Vietnam and many other countries, Oblong has built a reputation for finding unusual items with a very natural feel, and is a great stop-off point if you want to bring a little tranquility into your life.
Robert and Gopfert used a laser-based motion detector to track minute vibrations in the arista and the two-part oblong base of a Drosophila antenna.
The objects in question were sculptures: three ranks, shaggy, dirt-caked structures shaped as oblong mounds, a bit like Hungarian Puli dogs, onto which objects more or less suggesting reliquaries had been affixed.
Fuksas's new building shares the same plan discipline as the surrounding concrete ones: it rigidly follows the grid and is rigorously oblong.
The Old Forge, which gets a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for its remoteness, pipped Glasgow's Mosquito bar and the Oblong, in Eyemouth, Berwickshire, for the title.
Half of the tables will feature Zen-like waterfall fountain floral arrangements with sprays of white Phalaenopsis and green Cymbidium orchids, horsetail, moss and lichen, while others will have two other design variations of either multiple square or oblong glass containers with the same floral components - all by Mark Held, co-owner of Mark's Garden in Sherman Oaks.
Such an oblong orbit is usually a sign that an object has come under the gravitational influence of a massive body.
In the center of the gallery was an oblong object consisting of coils of red hair made from plastic thread.
Both anomalies lie on the north side of an oblong 2.
Tenders are invited for Double Leg Alloy Steel Grade T 8 Chain Sling For Lifting Purpose Size 16Mm Dia X 3000Mm Effective Length With Suitable Drop Forged Oblong Master Link On Top And Suitable Eye Sling Hook At The Bottom With Suitable Connecting Links Both On Top And Bottom.
A GERMAN Jaffa Cake maker is squaring up to British rival McVitie's with an oblong version of the round treat.
While her two sons ate lunch, she eyed the oblong object with an eyebrow raised in curiosity.
Typically, an oblong laser spot created by a confocal microscope has a diffraction-limited size of about 600 nm in depth and 200 nm in girth, says team leader Stefan W.
Placed within these fields of stripes are dark, irregularly oblong shapes that might be any number of things but that finally demand to be seen as battered shoes.
com offers three-dimensional satin rose accent pillows in different shapes and colors- oblong in blush ($25.