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Vronsky, standing beside Oblonsky, watched the carriages and the passengers, totally oblivious of his mother.
Away from the adventure-path, up to my ears in study, every moment occupied, I lived oblivious to John Barleycorn's existence.
But the sweeter music was playing in my ears, and I was blind and oblivious to all about me.
He slept that night, and did his writing next morning, and then the book tempted him and he fell, reading all afternoon, oblivious to everything and oblivious to the fact that that was the afternoon Ruth gave to him.
Of course, the SUPREMELY aristocratic thing is to be entirely oblivious of the mire of rabble, with its setting; but sometimes a reverse course may be aristocratic to remark, to scan, and even to gape at, the mob (for preference, through a lorgnette), even as though one were taking the crowd and its squalor for a sort of raree show which had been organised specially for a gentleman's diversion.
She became oblivious to any danger there might be in a visit to such an exposed place at such a time, and to all lesser considerations, and made up her mind to forestall them.
I had the feeling that he worked on a canvas with all the force of his violent personality, oblivious of everything in his effort to get what he saw with the mind's eye; and then, having finished, not the picture perhaps, for I had an idea that he seldom brought anything to completion, but the passion that fired him, he lost all care for it.
Going for a Walk GOING for a walk is becoming a hazardous chore It begins the moment I set foot out of the door Children on scooters,senior citizens too Then of course all that dog poo Lycra clad cyclists hurtling by Low hanging branches that poke in my eye Runners and joggers I have to avoid If I don't jump out of their way they get really annoyed Then there are the texters, oblivious to all I even saw one who walked into a wall Yes going for a walk is now a real pain Please can we have a pedestrian lane?
While gay fans will certainly adore Lucas's spandex-loving Dafydd ("the only gay in the village") and Walliams's doting assistant to the oblivious prime minister (Buffy's Anthony Stewart Head), this is the kind of smart, audacious material that anyone with a brain should be making part of his or her comedy diet.
Roelynn has other designs, though, and the twins stand guard as she wanders through minor romances with stable boys and common lads, under the nose of her oblivious father.
A theme that hangs over the exhibition is probably most clearly and directly represented in Coda, a painting where a female musician plays a cello, oblivious to her grotesque, even apocalyptic surroundings.
But at Republican meetings I attend, people seem to be totally oblivious and think we are in good hands with a Republican in the White House.
Often we're oblivions to math stuff, just as we're oblivious to atoms and molecules.
The United boss, left, was seemingly oblivious to the fact many of the 67,000 tickets for the game against Celtic were sold on the back of Beckham's name.
MOTHERWELL manager Terry Butcher was so relaxed about the outcome of Thursday night's Scottish Football Association ruling that he is still cruising around the United States oblivious to the outcome.