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the property of being neither parallel nor perpendicular, but at a slanting angle

the quality of being oblique and rambling indirectly


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For each species, the adductor muscle proportions, size, position, and obliqueness, as well as mass, were measured.
The relationship that Bazin maintained until his death in late 1958 with this particularly cinematographic moment in the history of the review, marked on the one hand by its editor Jacques Laurent and, on the other, by the regency of French cinematographic taste developed by the young hussar or pseudo-hussar Francois Truffaut, remains all the more interesting because of its obliqueness.
The film focuses on unremarkable events, exploring the lightness and obliqueness of quotidian emotions and ultimately telling a story of situatedness, and mood and thus of the everyday.
For example, in northern Chile and Argentina there are four continuous Liasic to Cenozoic magmatic arc systems so well preserved that allow recognize different angles of convergence obliqueness between the Nazca and South-America plates (Scheuber and Reutter, 1992).
The surprising degree of compliance reflects a combination of factors, particularly their obliqueness.
Krishna Rayan calls Samskara a "gunibhuta-vyangya text" (21) that "practices a mode characterized by metaphor, omission, obliqueness and resonance, but [that] also admits a great deal of statement" (2002, 158).
75) Part of this success came from the obliqueness of the book's critique: it avoided a critical analysis of contemporary socialist reality and instead made its point through displacement.
How far the affair went must remain a matter of speculation, given the discretion, or obliqueness, of Cochrane's phrasing.
She also considers the effects of the Athenaeum editor Charles Wentworth Dilke, and his policy "that contributors not engage in controversies" on the obliqueness of the essay's contemporary intervention: as a result, "Barrett had to downplay in her essay the very debates that prompted it" (p.
Holcomb's view that "McKay must be understood as a writer who not only struggled against class, labor, race, and colonial domination," but "with varying displays of directness and obliqueness, exposed more acceptable forms of resistance--class and race struggles--to " a sexual dissidence ("Diaspora Cruises" 4 718).
She pursues it with obliqueness in acting on deep knowledge rather than structural prompts to action.
The Age of Miracles is equal parts coming-of-age novel and sci-fi adventure, although each feels underserved by Walker's careful, subdued tone, a gauzy obliqueness meant, perhaps, to reflect the uncertainty of the times, the maddening lack of specific information.
This alternative approach puts a poem to work, allowing its obliqueness and suggestiveness to trigger, randomly, knowledge and resources on the world-wide-web that are new for the reader; in turn, these can be used as fresh perspectives on the poem in order to perform it in individual ways, to 'fill in' creatively personas and scenarios in the poem (1).
It has the obliqueness and indirection of Strauss, and its (unspoken) thesis is the Straussian nihilism that philosophy and faith are unfounded choices.