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Synonyms for obliquely



Synonyms for obliquely

to, toward or at one side

at an oblique angle

References in classic literature ?
She lifted weakly, turned sharply as if to get out of the battle, burst into flames fore and aft, swept down to the water, splashed into it obliquely, and rolled over and over and came down stream rolling and smashing and writhing like a thing alive, halting and then coming on again, with her torn and bent propeller still beating the air.
The court-yard of this quarter is enclosed by enormous walls, over which the sun glances obliquely, when it deigns to penetrate into this gulf of moral and physical deformity.
During the operation he did not fail to utter comminations which, though broken, had a sense in them; while stigmatizing me as the treacherous spawn of a perfidious country, he, in the same breath, anathematized Zoraide Reuter; he termed her "femme sotte et vicieuse," who, in a fit of lewd caprice, had thrown herself away on an unprincipled adventurer; directing the point of the last appellation by a furious blow, obliquely aimed at me.
Our hut, if it deserved to be called one, consisted of six or eight of the straightest branches we could find laid obliquely against the steep wall of rock, with their lower ends within a foot of the stream.
While obliquely taunting that they (PMLN) were anticipating such verdict, Aurangzeb asserted that a single party and family is being targeted.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Jan 9 (ANI): National Conference (NC) chief Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday welcomed Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti's recent assertion on talks between India and Pakistan, though obliquely, and congratulated her for finally 'realising' only dialogue can end the mayhem.
Maryam obliquely took a jibe at Imran Khan while stating that he appeared on television on daily basis to utter lies.
But negotiations with Mugabe were still ongoing, it added, referring obliquely to "the way forward" without explaining whether commanders were seeking Mugabe's ouster or a different kind of negotiated settlement.
Invitation to tender : Ceiling claddings made of obliquely fixed, bent aluminum fins, consisting of individual, fold-down elements, with acoustic interlayer, in the ring corridors EG and OG1, total 3'300 m2.
Apollo in the Grass collects Kushner's poems from 1988 through 2010, documenting obliquely not only Russia's transition from Soviet superpower to democracy-in-progress but also Kushner's ascent as one of the most admired Russian poets of his age.
This is so because, in general, objects approach the horizon obliquely.
Loosely based on the life of Bilal ibn Rabah, a companion of the Prophet who was born a slave and became the first muezzin (the man who calls the faithful to prayer), "Bilal" avoids any Immediate controversy by only obliquely mentioning Mohammed, Instead emphasizing the socially just origins of the religion.
Each singsong turn of phrase (paired with a whimsical black-and-white sketch) obliquely refers to a famous American city--but which one?
Whilst you do refer obliquely to it being the "least green option" , it needs to be said that the country park in this area is an excellent link for walks in one direction to the Sefton Coastal path, and in the other direction to numerous places with access to the Leeds-Liverpool canal such as Maghull, Melling and a path across Aintree racecourse which is also accessible from Fazakerley railway station.
From critically reading the corpus of American novelist and playwright Cormac McCarthy, Cooper (English, Monmouth College, Illinois) makes the case that idealism, heroism and redemption obliquely infuse the seeming nihilism of such novels as The Orchard Keeper (1965), All the Pretty Horses (1992), and The Road (2006).