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Synonyms for position

Synonyms for position

the place where a person or thing is located

the way in which one is placed or arranged

one's place and direction relative to one's surroundings

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

something believed or accepted as true by a person

positioning of one individual vis-à-vis others

to put in or assign to a certain position or location

Synonyms for position

a point occupied by troops for tactical reasons

a job in an organization

the appropriate or customary location

Related Words

a condition or position in which you find yourself

an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute


Related Words

an item on a list or in a sequence

the post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another

the act of positing

Related Words

cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation

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This made it impossible to view the entire fistula in the left lateral decubitus position; instead, the patient was placed in the right posterior oblique position to image the entire fistula.
In the very rare local scenario where both T and R are first or second person, T seems to be indexed on the verb with an object suffix while R is demoted to an oblique position.
Staff then began one of several maneuvers performed in an order of their choice, including rotating the shoulders to the oblique position, changing maternal position, implementing the corkscrew maneuver, and delivering the posterior arm.
The tendon of the medial head of gastrocnemius muscle fuses with the calcanean tendon of the semitendinosus muscle, and is overlapped in an oblique position proximo-distally and medio-laterally by the tendon of the SDF.
For the erect AP projection, rotate the patient's body into a slight 20 degrees to 25 degrees posterior oblique position.
Hence, the narrative voice of Lazarillo consistently reveals the point of the split between the representations of the picaro in the Other's view--his objective existence--and the marginal or oblique position from which Lazaro sees them--his being-desire, his persona" (29).
Equipment on show from Bucher-Schorling included a large snow sweeper, type P25 H, which had a cleaning width in oblique position of 5.
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