oblique angle

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an angle that is not a right angle or a multiple of a right angle

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However, as control and imaging software for x-ray inspection systems continues to develop apace, we are likely to see the introduction of segmented board analysis to section through layers of a profiled board, without the need for oblique angle views.
A diagonal angle is also known as an oblique angle.
The trench, oriented north/south at an oblique angle to Hogback Ridge was approximately 31 meters (120 ft) long by 3 meters (10 ft) wide by 3 meters (10 ft) deep.
Because the system uses open tube technology the pcba analyser provides the highest magnification capability available of samples on boards up to 28" x 22" and full 360(Degree) rotation and does so in OVHM mode for instant ability to inspect a component with a large oblique angle while maintaining maximum geometric magnification.
The title story takes an oblique angle on the fabled myth about Persephone and her love for the Minotaur.
The view through this entry porch intrigues largely because of the oblique angle ahead with its layering of white metal-clad columns.
Another reason for the CIA's insistence on closely guarding the imagery is that the astonishing detail that can be seen in a photograph taken from several hundred miles away--at an oblique angle, in bad weather, in late afternoon when shadows are intense--is unnerving to adversaries and allies alike.
Please Notify Through The Proposal If Your Company Can Provide Oblique Angle Imagery.
But it didn't say anything about lengths at oblique angle to the motion (i.
The cut on the left was meanwhile staged not as door but window, filled with an expanse of thick glass set at an oblique angle to the rest of the flat run of the wall.
University of New Hampshire scientists currently studying and modelling various aspects of solar radiation said that this was due to both the existing population of energetic particles launched by the first CME and a powerful magnetic connection that reeled particles in towards Earth from the Sun's blast region, which had spun to an oblique angle.
Lighting from an oblique angle is useful on the diffuse surfaces such as gold thick film surfaces and other gold-plated surfaces, whereas lighting from a vertical source is useful for polished die surfaces.
When crossing at an oblique angle from air into glass or water, or between any two different transparent materials, light's path bends.
This beautiful galaxy is tilted at an oblique angle on to our line of sight, giving a "birds-eye view" of the spiral structure.
The oblique angle at which the line crossed the road led to the construction of the Skew Bridge, still standing today, which was the first of its kind, built of local sandstone blocks each carefully shaped.