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Actually bone fractures are often in irregular shapes and with oblique angles to the axial direction of the long bone.
Here we check the effect of M and oblique angle comprehensively.
GLAD is a physical vapor deposition process in which deposition flux is incident onto the substrate at a large oblique angle with respect to the surface normal (75[degrees]~90[degrees]) [17].
This fact gives us the possibility of talking about electromagnetic wave propagation within an anisotropic medium under an oblique angle. In addition, the authors have suggested the possible practical applications of this effect.
The main design element the Egyptian sculpture of Nefertiti--and a cat observed at an oblique angle flip from black to clear images that comprise different spectral colours;
Molnar have managed to obtain a unique computational solution for this collision because of the comet-like shape of the hot gas, and the locations and the masses of the two dark matter cores that have passed through each other at an oblique angle at a relative speed of about 2200 km/s.
The 12 papers include discussions of such matters as creep and the environmental durability of environmental barrier coatings and ceramic matrix composites under imposed thermal gradient conditions, the dynamic oblique angle of deposition of nanostructures for energy applications, preparing epitaxially grown chromium-silicon-nitrogen thin films by pulsed laser deposition, nanocomposite molybdenum-copper-nitrogen coating deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering process with a single alloying target, and improving the service life of shaft-bushing tribo-systems by a plasma sulfur nitrocarburing process.
And because the shadow is passing over the Arctic, it will strike the Earth at a very oblique angle, resulting in its distinct elliptical shape.
We were looking over at the huge fairy chimney riddled with holes that stands on the edge of the hotel property and is slated to become a museum, and, yes, she was absolutely right -- from this oblique angle it looked about five times as large as it had when I'd come at it straight on.
Oblique angle physical vapor deposition technique has led to the evolution of a new class of thin films with very large effective surface areas.
In this work, we report on the nanostructure and optical properties of pentagon helical nanosculptured silver thin films produced using oblique angle deposition technique together with the controlled rotation of substrate.
The lengths at oblique angle to the motion are contracted with the Oblique-Length Contraction Factor OC(v, [theta]), defined as [1-2]:
For these works he photographed the Standard paintings at an oblique angle and silkscreened the images onto canvas.
Most reports indicate the object was at high altitude, and descending steeply, probably indicating the bolide entered the atmosphere at an oblique angle. Phil Kenyon indicated the object was descending let to right at an angle of about 20[degrees] to the vertical to altitude 19[degrees], azimuth 293[degrees] as seen from his location at Site 3.