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'The lock of hair, (repeating it from the letter,) which you so obligingly bestowed on me'--That is unpardonable.
Gilbert obligingly rowed to the landing and Anne, disdaining assistance, sprang nimbly on shore.
She obligingly consented to act as mediatrix in the matter.
Elliot addressed the guide, who obligingly bowed his head.
Ladislaw as a great favor that he would obligingly use his remarkable knowledge of pictures on behalf of Mrs.
Mr Folair having obligingly confided these particulars to Nicholas, left him to mingle with his fellows; the work of personal introduction was completed by Mr Vincent Crummles, who publicly heralded the new actor as a prodigy of genius and learning.
Meanwhile, here I am, established at Blackwater Park, "the ancient and interesting seat" (as the county history obligingly informs me) "of Sir Percival Glyde, Bart.," and the future abiding-place
Will you obligingly shove that box--which you mentioned on a former occasion as containing miscellanies--towards me in the midst of the shop here?'
When the woman had patted her on the back, and said "Good-by," the donkey, at a strong hint from the man's stick, set off at a rapid walk along the lane toward the point Maggie had come from an hour ago, while the tall girl and the rough urchin, also furnished with sticks, obligingly escorted them for the first hundred yards, with much screaming and thwacking.
Another obligingly credits our family with the possession of a tower full of snakes and explains those little, wriggly things in that way.
That,' he explained, pointing obligingly with the stem of his pipe, 'is the cat.'
"But with this difference," Ernest laughed; "the railroad would have had to assume all the risk which you so obligingly assumed for it."
Being a citizen of Pakistan, I obligingly appeal to every educated person to take it as your own responsibility, make an effort to educate at least one child and if we keep going like this, one day we will have an educated Pakistan ahead.
The highlight of their visit, however, was the appearance of a European nightjar, which very obligingly posed for all the members' cameras.