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Synonyms for obligate

to be morally bound to do

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

Synonyms for obligate

commit in order to fulfill an obligation

bind by an obligation

restricted to a particular condition of life

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It is hoped that the Supreme Court will once again strictly apply the law of substantial change of circumstances to incarcerated obligators who petition for a reduction of their child support payment.
The lower capital requirement for QRRE loans is based on an assumption that there is relatively more idiosyncratic risk associated with credit card losses because banks target a customer base that has a relatively high loss rate due to individual circumstances, and relatively less risk associated with economic events affecting a large portion of obligators at the same time (systemic risk).
Credit risk refers to default risk of/by the CB issuers and obligators and feasible monetary losses and damages of the creditors arising from the future credit degrading of the investment companies after the actual investments being executed.
States are free to deny food stamps to and impose work requirements on delinquent obligators (Bernard, 1998; Little Hoover Commission).
Many obligators temporarily lost their technical ability to pay on time, leaving those counting on receiving payments caught short.