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Synonyms for obligation

Synonyms for obligation

an act or course of action that is demanded of one, as by position, custom, law, or religion

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Synonyms for obligation

the state of being obligated to do or pay something

a personal relation in which one is indebted for a service or favor

a legal agreement specifying a payment or action and the penalty for failure to comply

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It seems to me that there are strong prima facie reasons to favor my simpler account of obligation here over Collins' more complex one.
It seems hard, then, to resist the claim that the swimmers are obligated, collectively, to save the swimmer, even if they do not take any steps to "collectivize." Collins, however, identifies what might seem to be a strong reason to do so: Collective obligation, she says, presupposes prior, organized, collective agency.
Only a few jurisdictions take into consideration whether a maintenance award is required to enforce a former spouse's I-864 obligation. (22) Notably, the jurisdictions pondering this issue are split on it; in Love v.
A contract or obligation will be void if the subject matter breaches public order or morality.
--$33.4 million pledged revenue refunding obligations series 2014;
Filial obligation refers to the duties, particular services, actions and attitudes which children must offer to their parents just because they are their parent's offspring (Encyclopedia of Aging, 2002).
For example, in the case of a sale-purchase contract, the seller is creditor of the price and debtor of the obligation to deliver the asset sold, and the buyer is creditor of the right to request the delivery of the asset purchased and debtor of the price to be paid.
1469(1) of the Civil Code, payment is the voluntary performance of a promise making the object of the obligation. Complementing the idea that the debtor must perform the obligation he has undertaken, not an equivalent benefit, art.
This level of endeavour involves balancing the obligation against all the relevant commercial considerations under the contract.
The Court of Appeal concentrated on the need to specify what the obligation which required best, reasonable or all reasonable endeavours to achieve; in other words, the purpose of the obligation.
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The strength of P's obligation to pay may, for instance depend on the kind of legitimate heir.
In 2017 alone, PSALM settled a total of P73.3 billion in financial obligations, broken down into P55.9- billion debts and IPP obligations, and P17.4-billion interest.
Observers interested in Detroit's recent filing for bankruptcy may be surprised to find that it still owes $6.4 billion in other post-employment benefits (OPEB) like health care, Bob Pozen wrote for The Brookings Institute on Thursday, more than twice what it owes in pension obligations.