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Synonyms for obligated



Synonyms for obligated

owing something, such as gratitude or appreciation, to another

Antonyms for obligated

caused by law or conscience to follow a certain course

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--$82,780,000 (Asbury Maryland Obligated Group) refunding revenue bonds series 2006A.
Since this is, in part, a declaratory judgment action, we remit the matter to the Supreme Court, Kings County, for the entry of an appropriate judgment, inter alia, declaring that Nautilus is obligated to pay the settlement and defense costs Americare incurred in the underlying action (see Lanza v Wagner, 11 NY2d 317).
On this account, the members of an obligated collective are obligated, only, to do their parts in the collectively obligated action, provided others are doing theirs.
The bonds are secured by gross revenues of the obligated group, which comprises eight fully owned acute-care hospitals, ProMedica Continuing Care Services Corp, and Lenawee Long-Term Care.
agreement with the UN as the host government, Washington is obligated to issue visas for officials going to the UN except under very compelling circumstances.
(32) The SIGIR found that the COE inappropriately obligated $362 million in five different categories:
As part of the new EAP requirement, office buildings are obligated to conduct assorted drills so tenants are aware of their obligations and responses to different types of emergencies, building safety systems and exit procedures in their buildings.
If a teacher is obligated to give a number of make-up lessons, there are creative options available.
The IRS concluded, in effect, that the taxpayer (1) transferred the shares, through the securities loan, for cash at or near inception, (2) had no meaningful right to call back the shares (because of the event-of-default provisions) and (3) was obligated in all but one case to deliver the pledged shares at maturity.
"It is essential, however, to recognize that defendants are obligated at this time to defend plaintiffs in the underlying dioxin-related cases.
The trustee argued that he had met the requirement because his fiduciary responsibility obligated him to hire an investment adviser where individuals are not obligated to do so.
No one is obligated to accept that legislation; in fact, everyone is obligated to refuse to accept it.
AC: To what extent are employers obligated, legally or ethically, to provide support for employees who are showing marked signs of job-related stress?
I don't know why the Gods of Ongoing Civilizations selected me to share this, but I felt obligated to pass it along to you.
Section 2808 also requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to the cognizant congressional committees, within seven days after operation and maintenance funds are obligated for a construction project, notice that includes the following: