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the property possessed by a round shape that is flattened at the poles


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Meanwhile, the accuracy of the following lunar parameters was continuously improved by obtaining the LLR measurements: solid moment of inertia, fluid core moment of inertia, core oblateness, Love number determination, orbit and physical librations, inner core possibilities, and so on [46].
The satellite perturbation forces include the Earth oblateness perturbation [40, 41], the third-body attraction perturbation [42] such as lunisolar gravitational perturbation [43], the solar radiation pressure perturbation [44, 45], and the atmospheric drag perturbation.
The influences of lunar-solar perturbations, Earth's oblateness, and atmospheric drag are considered to predict the reentry time more accurately [1, 8, 9].
Tapley, "Variations in the Earth's oblateness during the past 28 years," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.
The degree of ovalization is quantified by the parameter [zeta], called the oblateness. Given an initially circular cross-section of radius r, the product r[zeta] equals to the minor axis length of the oval obtained after deformation.
Oblateness can be considered as a sign of internal cohesive forces within an object and these are absent within a gaseous star.
According to (36), the perturbation potential function due to the Earth's oblateness is given by:
Such activity can lead to changes of oblateness and angular momentum and, through gravity coupling, to orbital period modulation.
For a spacecraft with high area-to-mass ratio orbiting the Earth, its dynamics is strongly perturbed by the term of the gravitational field due to the Earth's oblateness and by the effect of solar radiation pressure (SRP).
Ocean cooling: Constraints from changes in Earth's dynamic oblateness (J 2) and altimetry.
Thus, the oblateness of a planet causes apsides of particle orbits in and near the equatorial plane to precess in the direction of the orbit and lines of nodes of nearly equatorial orbits to regress.
But about four years ago, the Earth's "dynamic oblateness"- its girth - began to increase.