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He tried to climb from his horse on to the top of the wall, but he was so bruised and battered that he could not even dismount; and so from the back of his horse he began to utter such maledictions and objurgations against those who were blanketing Sancho as it would be impossible to write down accurately: they, however, did not stay their laughter or their work for this, nor did the flying Sancho cease his lamentations, mingled now with threats, now with entreaties but all to little purpose, or none at all, until from pure weariness they left off.
1,) undertakes to slaughter [Swinburne's] book without remorse, pouring upon it every term of objurgation, invective and contempt.
Daniel O'Connell trumped them all in the objurgation department by likening him to "the impenitent thief on the Cross, and I verily believe, if Mr.
The method of each is substantially the same, that of objurgation, or telling the student what to do without giving him a general method and a system for doing it or an insight into the causes of his difficulties.
Without making any bobbin of it Sancho Panza succeeded, in the courtship of yellowness, by feeding him a great numskull of romantics of chloroform and advertisement in the evil and nil housings, in so diverting from himself his demonstrative, whom he later called Don Quixote, that this demonstrative thereupon set out, uninhibited, on the maddest exports, which, however, for lack of a preordained objurgation, which should have been Sancho Panza himself, harmed nobody.
12) His departure was noted with a curt objurgation in the weekly paper of the Chat Noir, where his name did not reappear for another three years (see Appendix I, below, 2 March 1889).
militant faith called behavioralism," the content of which he saw as vague, despite its precise ritual and objurgation of history.