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In order for an employer to objectively justify a set retirement age for employees.
We need to answer these questions based on evidence as objectively as possible and not based on intuition or personal preferences.
Although plaintiff argues that it had an objectively reasonable case because the USPTO's legal experts determined multiple times that HTC Corp.'s use of the VIVE trademark would cause a likelihood of confusion, this argument fails for several reasons.
'The international community should treat Pakistan's efforts objectively and impartially and give more recognition and support to Pakistan from the perspective of more effective counter-terrorism cooperation,' he added.
The survey asked those who could name an objective source to identify which specific outlets they believe report news objectively. Among Republicans, Fox News was the overwhelming winner, with 60% of Republicans who named an objective news source identifying Fox News as that source.
The researchers also obtained raw individual participant data from the authors of four additional studies that included measurements of blood sugar levels and measured sleep duration objectively in 287 pregnant women with gestational diabetes for further analysis.
'They should investigate objectively, follow the evidence kahit saan umabot.
The BRCPE recommended that the firm could only use the name and image if it could objectively show it is a "master or expert" in that area of practice.
Supreme Court, and with it, a new case exploring what could be a significant decision when it comes to directors and officers making objectively or subjectively false statements.
I can demonstrate objectively that cats are of a great value, and the charter issue of Cat Fancy magazine can serve as part of the evidence.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed his condolences to Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte over the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane that crashed in eastern Ukraine and said the tragedy needs to be investigated objectively.
Ali Al-Omair said Tuesday the government would not refer to the parliament any issue that would violate the constitution, calling on MPs to read the Gulf security agreement "objectively." Al-Omair, also Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs, said in a statement the first article of the Gulf agreement was clear in emphasizing that it was compatible with the national legislations and international treaties.
"We would certainly look at any proposal put forward by the WRU objectively," said chief executive Stephen Reardon.
"Obviously, this is mere speculation, but we are always prepared to listen to any proposal objectively, especially in the interests of Pontypridd RFC and Welsh rugby as a whole."
He said in a press statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), " We have benefited greatly in participating in the IV News Agencies World Congress and we should use modern technology to transmit news professionally and objectively''.