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  • verb

Synonyms for objectify

to represent (an abstraction, for example) in or as if in bodily form

Synonyms for objectify

make external or objective, or give reality to

make impersonal or present as an object

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But if anybody does feel objectified with the songs then it is important for them to come forward and speak.
The researchers found that time spent on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest correlated with higher scores on thin-ideal internalization, objectified body consciousness, and motivation to exercise.
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said a number of the 120 complainants believed the ads were sexist and objectified the man, and some thought they were sexist because the women were depicted as powerless and weak.
As an undergraduate, severally I objectified myself without even realizing or knowing it.
She's an objectified icon, and it's just male Hollywood doing the same old thing!
The Irish actor, who plays Ross Poldark in the Cornish drama, said: "I don't feel objectified, it's funny!
Written by Country & Western singer Dolly Parton the show is about three women an overworked office manager, a jilted wife, and an objectified secretary who conspire to depose their smarmy boss and begin making woman-friendly changes in the workplace.
She continued: "As a model or celebrity, I have always believed in using my persona to help further a brand's communication but never to have it used where I end up being objectified for my looks.
Dormer (above) says men are objectified as much as women in the world of showbiz - and pointed to Aidan Turner's
Therefore it really offends me to see how women are being objectified through these campaigns.
While on the army, ask any woman in Israel if she ever felt objectified during her military service.
But I feel besides, maybe, the big budget films, I have never really had to be objectified for films," Freida told IANS during a recent visit to the capital.
In the past Dita has revealed that she doesn't feel objectified when on stage.
Accordingly, we will try to present a possible (Bourdieuian) application of the "bubble" concept, where the postulated sphere of validity is the academic field, in which we will examine how cultural capital is objectified and how objectified cultural capital can be converted into its institutionalised form.
It's been said women are constantly objectified in the media ...