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a concrete representation of an abstract idea or principle

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Even with this new positive consciousness and outlook, I confess that I am still healing from the self-objectifying behaviors that had shaped the way I used to see myself and this, without a doubt, must have played a major negative part in my life struggles to underline the depth of the effect and distortions of self s3xual objectification.
Similar to Western countries, China has a culture with prominent sexual objectification (Li, 2003).
Sex object delves into the ways in which public feminists are expected to be strong all of the time Valenti does us a favour by aiming to end sexual objectification and to shatter pedestals.
Beginning with an explanation of gendered objectification, I will move on to consider the role of the narrative gaze within the text and how Murdoch establishes female characters that escape superficial objectification and look back.
Coun Forbes had said previously: "Although I understand that there is no recognition of objections on moral grounds, I would still wish to place on record my personal views that such objectification of women is not welcome in the city.
The sexual objectification of women is a common practice in Western countries (Calogero, 2013), where it is believed that being a woman implies being treated as a sexual object or a body to be looked at and evaluated (Noll & Fredrickson, 1998).
A direct follow-up to Luna's 2013 session on objectification of girls is session 3356 "Digital Media & Youth: Beware, Be Wary, Be There
Discrimination and the sexual objectification of women in film are two ideas the 34-year-old was interested in communicating in her modern interpretation of the 1612 play.
The first chapter in the "Words" section, "Language and Mattering Humans," addresses the origin of animacy as a concept from cognitive linguistics and then traces the term as a central metaphor in a discussion of de-animation and objectification in hierarchies of animacy going back to Aristotle.
and try to get beyond the cringe-factor to enjoy some retaliatory male objectification.
Among specific topics are cognitive mechanisms of compression and objectification of the self in modern advertising messages, the poetics of humorous texts in translation, and personal linguistic experience and language awareness as a mark of the quality of university education.
La expected delivery is therefore by no means a coding optimization to artificially increase revenue but makes many logical objectification.
Mrs Evans said: "Page Three normalises the trivial objectification of women, entrenches inequality and sexist attitudes, and, well, quite simply, half-naked women just aren't news.
Chan, owner and trainer at her company Fluid Exchange, says that sexual objectification is part of the "commodification of sex.
This can be looked upon as the origin of the process of objectification whereby humans stand apart from external reality, learn about it, and make it their own.