object-oriented programming

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creating a program that can use and support objects

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Learning object-oriented programming concepts and skills via the traditional approach have been a major barrier to most users (Morris, Speier and Hoffer, 1999).
In addition to the base functionality of C, C++ contains some language extensions that make object-oriented programming more convenient.
However, mentioned languages, like the scripting languages generally, suffer from the lack of clear graphic models, like UML in the field of object-oriented programming. In this paper is offered simple graphic model intended for modeling of application generators based on program code modifications.
Those concerned to create systems cannot afford to ignore this new development of object-oriented programming. A well laid out multi-colour introductory book.
MOO is a type of MUD that incorporates a sophisticated, object-oriented programming language that participants can use to construct their own personalized characters and worlds (Pfaffenberger, 2001).
According to Capobianco, Curl applications are a set of development tools that combine scripting language, text processing and object-oriented programming. The application code sits at the server side.
It introduces the reader to Visual Studio .NET, object-oriented programming principles, and the Visual Basic .NET language itself, as well as the Virtual Studio .NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a tool designed to help in writing .NET applications.
The award, which carries a USD25,000 prize, was given to Ole-Johan Dahl and Kristen Nygaard for their role in the invention of object-oriented programming, which is believed to be the most widely used programming model today.
Following a quick introduction, the first part of the book focuses on the important areas of programming VB .NET, including variables and data types, an introduction to object-oriented programming, .NET Framework general concepts, the .NET Framework Class Library, delegates and events, and error handling.
The GX object-oriented programming model provides a high degree of efficiency in the development and content creation process, resulting in reduced time-to-market for 3D content and applications.
VBA is what's called an object-oriented programming language.
A factory is an object-oriented programming construct providing for the creation of instances without specifying their concrete classes.
Applications include parallelizing compilers for object-oriented programming languages, distributed implementation of computer chess, parallel and distributed algorithm performance analysis, debugging and visualization, and implementation of mobile agents.
Harlequin also offers a range of software tools including Dylan, an object-oriented programming language developed by Apple Computer Inc which was touted as a rival to Java with the "efficiency of C++ and the simplicity of Smalltalk." Harlequin continued with the project after Apple dropped out and produced a version for Windows in July 1998.
Programming remains mostly standard (sequential) object-oriented programming. Roughly speaking, the basic idea is to extend the library rather than the language.
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