object-oriented database

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a database in which the operations carried out on information items (data objects) are considered part of their definition

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The second paper gives an overview of indexing techniques suitable for fuzzy object-oriented databases.
is the leading provider of real-time, object-oriented databases for managing complex inter-related data.
When you need a database and have a business need for high performance on complex data, an object-oriented database such as Objectivity/DB should be considered," said Doug Barry, principal at Barry & Associates, Inc.
The Microwave Office solution was designed around a single, object-oriented database that is inherently synchronized with schematic, simulation, and layout data.
IQstudio includes a built-in object-oriented database that allows end-users to archive, manage, and mine their images and data.
This is the latest version of Objectivity's highly scalable, federated object-oriented database for mission critical applications.
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