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punishment intended as a warning to others

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Although I teach poetry, I am not a poet, and so I found the second half of the book, the biggest departure from Object Lessons, especially helpful.
Written in the first person, the book deals strictly with events at HCL while offering important object lessons and a rethinking of customer-centric ideology.
of Tennessee-Knoxville) contends that the current financial recession provides a good opportunity to improve health care in the US, and also provides object lessons in what happens to huge industries that do not change with the times.
WEDNESDAY'S Examiner provides object lessons in the quiet ways Kirklees Council squanders money.
And so London immediately following World War II offers New Orleans a range of object lessons, from the government-mandated greenbelt and rehousing programs to private commercial development at the center and guidance through the exertion of building and planning controls over the broader city and region.
With a reduced but still string-heavy Philharmonic, Marriner's interpretations were object lessons in the qualities we most associate with Mozart's music - grace, proportion, economy and beauty.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say certain aspects of it were object lessons in how NOT to do things.
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