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punishment intended as a warning to others

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Although I teach poetry, I am not a poet, and so I found the second half of the book, the biggest departure from Object Lessons, especially helpful.
With a reduced but still string-heavy Philharmonic, Marriner's interpretations were object lessons in the qualities we most associate with Mozart's music - grace, proportion, economy and beauty.
In fact, I'd go as far as to say certain aspects of it were object lessons in how NOT to do things.
Other races were infantilised or barbarised, or held up as object lessons in the perils of racial degeneration.
Both Em and Williams are the beneficiaries of a type of cultural affirmative action for white men, which is to say that neither of them is unqualified, but both are object lessons in the benefits of diversity.
Those are object lessons to be learned by the Gardai.
There are object lessons aplenty here for those urging a bombing campaign in the Balkans.
Network Forensics Day is packed with case studies that contain powerful and effective object lessons to reinforce theory and skills development.
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