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punishment intended as a warning to others

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In The Object Lesson, I am more curious about the audience than the performer.
Opener Herschelle Gibbs gave the Lions an object lesson in how to compose a one-day innings and hit a superb 81 off 104 balls to ensure the outcome was never in doubt.
The box contains a mini-curriculum with Bible verses and an object lesson "to help reinforce God's story of creation.
The passage of two recent bills--by both the Senate and the House, and the signing of those bills into law by the president -provides an object lesson in the workings of the state, and full illustration of the type of logic that must necessarily govern the actions of that coercive body.
Instead, he played on, shot a 76 to stand 11 off the lead, then proceeded to give Europe's young bucks an object lesson in controlled golf and outstanding longputting.
Mr Brockbank said: "This is an object lesson in the importance of a comma.
COLCHESTER'S Chris Iwelumo is an object lesson to any footballer going through a hard time - whether they're a professional or a parks players.
That's why they're providing the public an object lesson in the perils and limitations of consent decrees.
Here's perhaps an object lesson for critics and other opinion-wielders.
Fifty years on, Hollywood is still portraying this critical period as an object lesson in political persecution.
That he can grip his readers so, despite a total absence of the graphic violence and profanity on which many modern crime writers rely, should be an object lesson.
The case is an object lesson in civics--the concept of a citizen who could not keep quiet when he felt his players were being shortchanged because of their gender.
Its methodology can enrich other fields in American history, and provide a wonderful object lesson for graduate students about the merits of rigorous empiricism.
The upward journey is an object lesson in how to hang a glass facade from the top while minimizing any obtrusive structural elements.
It is also an object lesson in the importance of seeking the advice of a Building Diagnostician before leaping to costly, and not always necessary conclusions.