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punishment intended as a warning to others

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This an object lesson in how a series of small bureaucratic changes can undermine projects of which Whitehall insiders disapprove
Sobelle, who is a member of Philadelphia's Pig Iron Theatre Company and a co-artistic director of rainpan 43, drew inspiration for The Object Lesson from two very different comedians with similar names: the observational stand-up George Carlin and the vaudevillian clown George Carl.
When Lance was told by recent graduates of two different police academies they'd been taught to take suspects at gunpoint with fingers on triggers, he went back to an object lesson he had been teaching for many, many years.
Sir Chris is a fantastic role model for all of us, especially the young, and an object lesson to all other aspiring sports persons.
This study is an object lesson in ignoring hindsight.
THE succinctly titled third album from the Canadian power-punkers is an object lesson in the art of musical understatement.
"It is an object lesson in survival, selflessness and courage," he added
"This case has been an object lesson to anyone getting involved with a Class A drug like that." The judge, who described the defendant as a "decent family man", jailed him for two years..
It is an object lesson in how to cook fish while the confit neck fillet that follows with the lamb course breaks my in-built flavour-o-meter.
I hope Shola was watching Viduka, was an object lesson in a front art, the ball always sticks with if only we could replace his tendons and muscles.
AS SOMEONE who is, by nature, an impatient person, the opening words of Psalm 40 are an object lesson: "I waited patiently for the Lord and He inclined to me and heard my cry."
Opener Herschelle Gibbs gave the Lions an object lesson in how to compose a one-day innings and hit a superb 81 off 104 balls to ensure the outcome was never in doubt.
The box contains a mini-curriculum with Bible verses and an object lesson "to help reinforce God's story of creation." It all comes with lots of extra packaging.
The passage of two recent bills--by both the Senate and the House, and the signing of those bills into law by the president -provides an object lesson in the workings of the state, and full illustration of the type of logic that must necessarily govern the actions of that coercive body.
Instead, he played on, shot a 76 to stand 11 off the lead, then proceeded to give Europe's young bucks an object lesson in controlled golf and outstanding longputting.