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a computer language into which something written in another computer language is to be translated

the language into which a text written in another language is to be translated

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's' is true iff p, where 's' is a formula and 'p 'a natural language sentence, for every formula in the object language.
(d) By duality of the syntactic distribution of the metalanguage M over its object language L, L retracts into M, so that everything resides in the global identity:
In [2, 3], Peter Eldridge-Smith introduced the paradox of Pinocchio's nose growth and pointed out that, unlike the liar paradox, it is a true paradox, which cannot be solved by disallowing problematic uses of semantic predicates in the object language. In this paper, we argued that Pinocchio paradox can be suitably confined to some very small time intervals.
But we shouldn't interpret sentences of the ideal object language of thought postulated by the Tractatus as predicating anything of propositions.
But the alternative of returning to an entirely self-sufficient object language is itself foreclosed, since any attempt to do so would only nourish the conservative desire for a transcendent aesthetic experience.
(The object language is the language about which one is discoursing; the metalanguage is the language in which the discourse is being conducted.) In our example, the object language and metalanguage happen to be the same language, viz., English.
The application of this analysis beyond ditransitive verbs can be seen clearly in the analysis of causative constructions in primary object languages. Yaqui (Uto-Aztecan) is a primary object language (Felix 2000), and the following examples from Guerrero & Van Valin (2004) illustrate three-place verbs and causatives.
Here Russell disagrees with Wittgenstein and puts forward the idea that one can discuss the semantics of one language, call it the object language, by using a different language, a metalanguage, in which it is possible to talk meaningfully of the relationship between the object language and the world.
'I wanted to learn Welsh as a good example of a verb-subject- object language, as a complement to Latin (which has the verb at the end of the sentence) and subject- verb-object languages such as French and other Romance languages,' she said yesterday.
Some relationships between parented speech and children's object language development.
It consists in the objective study of a language not closely related to our own, and the comparison of the metaphysical implications of the object language with those of ours.
COL (Complex Object Language) [Abiteboul and Grumbach 1991] is a typed extension of Datalog that supports complex values directly.
As virtually always with purportedly schematic statements (but see [sections] 9 below for more on schematic approaches), what set-theorists accept is a universal generalisation: for all sentences s of the object language, the result of substituting s for [Phi] in the above schema is provable in ZF.