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the machine-language output of a compiler that is ready for execution on a particular computer

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L-3 Communications corp., software companies must register complete copies of each software version in both source and object codes in order to protect their copyrights.
Two chapters describe software tools such as disassemblers, object code dump, debuggers, and HLL compiler options that display assembly language code as ways of analyzing compiler output.
For example, in the case of software, the licensee should obtain a security interest in both the object code and the source code, as access to the source code is necessary to maintain and modify, the software.
Visual Basic for Application (VBA) code was utilized to enable the user to call the SCADAPack C compiler, pass parameters to the compiler, string together the appropriate object code and compile an executable for the SCADAPack PLC.
Total Contracts for One Object Code (Budget Sub-Category) (by request)
The single-threaded eXtremeDB, which is available in object code only, can also be upgraded to obtain database source code.
The resulting output of the compilation is often referred to as object code. The object code file contains a sequence of instructions that the processor can understand but that is difficult for a human to read or modify.
In addition to producing smaller object code size, which is valuable in memory-constrained embedded applications like ABS systems, disk drive controllers, and handheld devices, the new compiler is fully compatible with ARM's assembly language, making it easy to use existing library routines and ROM Monitors.
Its source code need never be re-examined or recompiled -- or even saved -- since it will always run as binary object code under future emulators.
A software licence, generally, only grants use of the object code (that part of the software which is translated into a computer readable form).
The VxWorks driver, also written for x86 architecture, is proprietary with object code available from the SMSC web site and source code available to customers through SMSC's SRC9000 royalty free Software License Agreement.
Following this distinction, some might suggest that source code, like a blueprint, represents a machine or building, while object code is analogous to the machine or building itself.