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the billiard ball that is intended to be the first ball struck by the cue ball

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Directions for straight-in shots (where the object ball goes directly into the pocket), more complex shots with multiple ball-ball or ball-rail collisions, and special shots designed to disperse clusters of balls are all calculated.
To accomplish this CueCard generates interesting places to set the ball, typically close to an object ball and in position for a straight-in shot.
Typical players tend to place the cue ball so that it makes a direct line with an object ball and a pocket.
The appeal of this "straight-in" shot is clear - hit the cue ball dead-on and it hits the object ball dead-on, which drops in the pocket.
Mabry noticed that for an average player, the shot seems easiest in one of two situations, when the cue ball and object ball are close together.
Mabry using trigonometry to devise a formula to describe the object ball's deviation from its intended destination (the pocket) as a function of shooter error and the distance between the cue ball and object ball.
Now the difficulty of the shot boils down to the distance between the cue ball and the object ball.
Rather than pots of gold, the two ends represent the easiest scenarios, where the object ball is either adjacent to the cue ball or teetering over the pocket.
It showed that the hardest shot was where the object ball sat in the middle between the cue ball and the pocket.