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the billiard ball that is intended to be the first ball struck by the cue ball

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Directions for straight-in shots (where the object ball goes directly into the pocket), more complex shots with multiple ball-ball or ball-rail collisions, and special shots designed to disperse clusters of balls are all calculated.
To accomplish this CueCard generates interesting places to set the ball, typically close to an object ball and in position for a straight-in shot.
Eight-ball is played on a rectangular pool table with six pockets that is initially racked with 15 object balls (7 solids, 7 stripes, and one 8-ball), and a cue ball (see figure 2).
The appeal of this "straight-in" shot is clear - hit the cue ball dead-on and it hits the object ball dead-on, which drops in the pocket.
Mabry noticed that for an average player, the shot seems easiest in one of two situations, when the cue ball and object ball are close together.
And he looked on course to take the second easily after making a 31 break and was in among the reds, but after leaving himself cueing over the top of another red, he missed the object ball and the break broke down.
If there was six foot between the cue ball and the object ball I was miles out.
You line up the shot with a laser sight on the barrel of the cue and then the device automatically shows you through the sight where you have to strike the object ball.
I took my eye off the object ball a couple of times when I should have won the frame in one visit," added the Scot.
The object of the game is to throw your balls so they land closer to the small object ball (the cochonnet) than those of your opponent, or strike and drive the object ball toward your other balls and away from those of your opponent.
In trying to pot the pink, Day lifted the white over the object ball and into a pocket, allowing O'Sullivan to make a decisive 24 that brought the score level.
This was in the days of the now-outlawed 'cradle cannon' whereby a player could push the two object balls around the table all day by making a cannon each time.
It is ironed regularly in one direction, from the baulk end to the top of the table creating the 'nap', which can affect the direction the cue ball and object balls run.
And beginners can make use of virtual guidelines on the baize that predict the paths of both the cue and object balls.
This was in the days of the nowoutlawed 'cradle cannon' whereby a player could push the two object balls around the table all day by making a cannon each time.