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a notice of someone's death

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It's true the New York Times regularly devotes more obit ink to the famously departed than do most other publications.
He expected the report on Page 1 but found it buried among the 140 obits that appeared that day.
In an obit titled "Life's Lessons Learned Too Soon," Sheeler uncovers the values that guided Daniel Seltzer, a fifteen-year-old who died suddenly of complications from a previously undetected heart condition.
In Obit by Anne Emery one man's political devotion becomes his children's ultimate terror.
It was too sticky to deny McGuire an obit because staffers and McGuire fans clearly wanted one for him.
"There were a few days when I had an Al obit, a Bl obit and a whole page of obits inside the paper," Hewlett says with a measure of pride.
Section her now or, tragically, the next news we'll be reading is her obit.
For instance, the newcomer finds herself over the moon while happily in love and grooving to soulful beats on "Obit." Maiysha, who enjoys bending genres in her music, melds jazz and funk with her striking voice on "Hold Me," a ballad tinged with just enough heartbreak to accompany any pity-party.
"He died last year and the Gazette carried his obit. He was one real nice guy!
It struck me (but not my proofreader) as an obit heading, using a comma instead of a verb.
Pulitzer Prize-winning feature writer Jim Sheeler presents Obit: Inspiring Stories of Ordinary People who Led Extraordinary Lives, an anthology of brief yet heartwarming portrayals of men and women who led energetic, compassionate, sometimes humorous, always shining lives.
To read the gushing foreword by novelist Thomas Mallon, one would believe that the only reason the New York Times stayed afloat in the 1990s was due to the scintillating prose of McG., whose reign as the obit writer of record lasted a mere decade, and the death-thirsty public's appetite for his ever so slight spinning of the traditional form.
After doing all that, I tend to start writing the obit by formulating a chronology of the person's life and adding archival information.
Rock Hudson, died January 4 at age 80, and the Los Angeles Times commemorated her passing with an astonishingly long, 1,000-word, half-page obit a week later.