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Synonyms for obfuscate


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Synonyms for obfuscate

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Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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It is a 'wrestling with the angels' a metaphor you can take as literally as you like." And there is nobody else I know who is as easy as Stuart is with a certain kind of language that is not obfuscatory but is very straightforward, and tells you exactly how he feels at the specific moment.
Indiana is on the wrong side of the struggle for equality, and Pence is doing his obfuscatory best to rationalize a bill designed for the specific purpose of justifying discrimination against gays and lesbians under the guise of protecting religious liberty.
From such a perspective, the scholarly concerns of someone like Sol Worth, who wanted to know how we make sense of images in the first place, could be seen as trivial and perhaps even obfuscatory.
The Lean article reminded me of the practice among educators of creating obfuscatory terms to describe everyday things.
Employment judge Wayne Beard told the Cardiff tribunal that he found complainant Matthew Wall, to be "obstructive" and "obfuscatory" in his evidence.
Key points were that overcomplicated regulations are obfuscatory, that there is a regulatory-political gap, that it is difficult to accurately judge the effects of reform, and that here is a lack of liability for financial and regulatory malfeasance.
He emphasizes that Thai religious practice must be seen in new ways, and that practices (he prefers to use the obfuscatory term "technologies", repeatedly) involving amulets, magic, shrines and so on need to be taken seriously as the actual praxis of Thai "religiosity" (another jarring term that seems misused in the book).
WALKING down obfuscatory, legalistic paths means we can very easily fall into the classic means- and- ends trap -- confusing what we want to achieve with how we try to achieve it.
For many, that would be the most polite thing to say about Lacanian ideas, as Lacan's work itself has often been said to be impenetrable, obfuscatory and unnecessarily complex.
In the same interview with David Gregory on Meet the Press, President Obama delivered this masterpiece of obfuscatory illiteracy:
Many a misguided career, and enormous quantities of obfuscatory and mystificatory verbiage, grew out of it, proliferating into a protective forest of impenetrable branches, brushwood and foliage like that surrounding the Sleeping Beauty's palace, in the midst of which the initiated elite could bathe in the bleak cold sunlight of mutual admiration and emulation.
The presence, or the presence of the risk, of negative "relationality" therefore evades the danger of what Cohen has called the "holistic circuitry" of an unquestioning, or obfuscatory, depiction of interconnectivity (2012, 26).
All we need to do is ensure that regulations meet the intent of the rules and are not punitive or obfuscatory.