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Synonyms for obfuscate

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make obscure or unclear

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To mitigate this problem, programmers often employ obfuscation techniques to transform and protect a .NET assembly (without affecting its functionality) so that it becomes difficult or impossible for a software cracker to reverse engineer it.
Name obfuscation is the most primary method that is used by most of the .NET obfuscator tools.
Control flow obfuscation means changing the execution path of a process.
The way CIL instructions work, references to external types and methods are visible and will be unaffected by name obfuscation and control flow obfuscation.
In their book Obfuscation: A User's Guide for Privacy and Protest, Finn Brunton and Helen Nissenbaum put forward a manifesto for the digitally weak and powerless, whether ordinary consumers or traditionally marginalized groups who lack the knowledge or means to effectively protect their digital lives from monitoring.
Obfuscation is attractive because it offers to empower individuals.
Even with this caveat, obfuscation seems ill suited to be the stuff of revolutions, because privacy built 011 obfuscation can be at most a second-best kind of privacy.
(ii) We present a more unpredictable and flexible obfuscation method named Chaos Tower Obfuscation (CTO) in CHAOS, where the level of obfuscation is decided reasonably.
Section 4 shows the details of CHAOS obfuscation methods.
We design two main modules: Chaos Tower Structure (CTS) and Chaos Tower Obfuscation (CTO) module.
If confronted with an unexpected connection, the controller will send a request to obfuscation module to obfuscate it.
These methods include anti-debugging, code obfuscation, software packers and few others, which are covered below.
Code obfuscation is the technique, which makes program source code very hard to understand and is used widely to limit the possibility of malicious reverse engineering or attack activities on a software system [6].
Packing is considered as one of the best protection against reverse engineering, because it can combine other protection methods mentioned above: anti-debugging, code obfuscation, etc.