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Synonyms for obfuscate


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Synonyms for obfuscate

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Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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Sometimes, this effort results in exactly the opposite of what the drafters intend, obfuscating the meaning of the statement.
In fact, by increasingly obfuscating the profound reason for the celebration of His birth, modern man's culture and habits of life are unable to keep alive the truths of Christianity.
Our first thought was that Williams was obfuscating about the North Carolina job, that he had definitely decided to take the job and was waiting for the right moment to confess.
Nowhere has this connection between horrific events and "regulatory creep"--the deliberately obfuscating phrase favored by conservative deregulators--been more apparent than in the evolution of the nation's food and drug laws.
Simpson criminal trial, masterminded the defense team's obfuscating attacks on the prosecutors' DNA evidence.
Fragos's opinions, for these are merely expressed as a letter to the editor, not wrapped up in the obfuscating panoply of a supposedly authoritative article in The New York Times.
Against critics who denounce Brahms as inhibited, turgid and a heavy-handed orchestrator, his second Symphony is a pretty convincing counter-argument Lichfield Cathedral's obfuscating acoustic was not especially sympathetic to its tenderness or Alpine brightness, but it didn't begin to intrude on the inner movements, where in the adagio, the warm glow of the Hall's strings and the woodwind's sweet, tight ensemble generated a clarity and eloquence that largely banished melancholy.
But let's address this issue head-on, rather than obfuscating it as a matter of "appearance."
In making his case Peach effortlessly and judiciously employs contemporary theoretical approaches to illuminate Carter's thematic concerns without resorting to the heavy-handed use of obfuscating jargon.