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Synonyms for obfuscate

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Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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For comparison, we implemented another MTD system, fully obfuscated network, which obfuscates all the packets in the network.
However, current network-based MTD obfuscates networks indiscriminately that makes some networks services unavailable, for example, some key services like web and DNS, because some information of these services has to be opened to the outside and remain real.
In this paper, we proposes an SDN-based MTD system named CHAOS which discriminately obfuscates hosts with different security levels in networks so as to keep some key services available and low performance cost.
Hence, we proposed a trust based obfuscation mechanism, which designed especially to obfuscate items' ratings before their submission to these highly reputable peers.
Hence, we proposed a trust based obfuscation mechanism to obfuscate preferences prior submission to super-peers.
This SSR reversal obfuscates the true effects but explains many inconsistencies and controversies in epidemiologic data.
He and his informed contributors address questions that Mother Angelica obfuscates. Those who consider technology a tool for evangelization will not want to miss this important study.
And because it would not fit his thesis, O'Reilly obfuscates the reality that FDR allowed First Lady Eleanor to champion the rights of blacks in a few-holds-barred fashion unmatched since the days of William Lloyd Garrison.
The poet realizes the decisive role Yahweh played by intervening through the natural elements, he says, but deliberately obfuscates his role in order to keep the human characters in the forefront and praise them for their heroic deeds.
Refreshingly, however, her familiarity with these critics' idiosyncratic stances never obfuscates the descriptive and exploratory concerns of the book, and consistently militates for the elucidation of the Renaissance texts at hand.