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Synonyms for obfuscate


Synonyms for obfuscate

Antonyms for obfuscate

make obscure or unclear

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Proof: Since each participant obfuscates his items' ratings and hashes their meta-data before submitting them to the super-peers.
If matters seem in danger of coming into focus, obfuscate and complexify with an air of injured rectitude.
The title of Linden's study of the influence of alchemy in English literature is based on a phrase coined by Patrick Scot in his Tillage of Light (1623) to suggest the tendency of alchemical discourse to obfuscate its message.
A unanimous federal appeals-court panel held that Suzuki and its lawyers "engaged in an unrelenting campaign to obfuscate the truth" about the sometimes lethal rollover tendencies of Suzuki Samurai four-wheel-drive vehicles.
However, where the lease does not contain the key works "only" and/or "for no other purpose" or has been broadened so as to obfuscate the restrictive language in the lease, Courts have refused to restrict the tenant's use.
Unfortunately, the most recent asbestos removal TAM may serve only to obfuscate.
That was a day when Ivy Lee, who many consider one of the fathers of PR, was telling corporate leaders that if you want to obfuscate an issue or steamroller a legislature, get yourself a lawyer.
The Gamma solution provides multiple technologies to obfuscate data, such as key swapping to manipulate the key fields of high visibility master records and associated documents.
Carter presents a premise and thesis that reeks of vacuity, while presenting ostensibly specious arguments that obfuscate both fact and truth.
She finds that regulatory theory, though it has widened debate on useful regulatory strategies, is largely concerned with normative prescriptions, and may obfuscate the centrality of political will and economic demands as fundamental elements.
A legal thriller following a murder and conspiracy trial in which jurors are intimidated, witnesses are killed and FBI cover-ups obfuscate the truth, Under Oath is haunting in its eerie accuracy and solid grounding in real-life courtroom experience.
Taken as a whole, in fact, Ann Goldstein's curatorial and editorial strategies seem designed to obfuscate (as intellectually as possible) and to deny (as passionately as possible) the true occasion for this exhibition - which is nonetheless advertised on page 112 of the catalogue, where we are granted a privileged (and uncaptioned) peek at Wool's painting Riot hanging in the Beverly Hills home of one of the exhibition's benefactors.
Money is fungible, of course, and central planners in Beijing could probably obfuscate the flows of cash and goods inside China's borders, but this targeted approach offered a novel way to engage the communist regime.
Now, Dotfuscator can selectively obfuscate only those components that have been altered within an application while preserving existing dependencies to satellite components.
The software gives organizations the ability to obfuscate large collections of data and to test and validate the obfuscated data across an enterprise.