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  • verb

Synonyms for obey

submit to


  • submit to
  • surrender (to)
  • give way to
  • succumb to
  • bow to
  • give in to
  • yield to
  • be ruled by
  • serve
  • defer to
  • cave in to
  • take orders from
  • do what you are told by




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Synonyms for obey

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Antonyms for obey

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He said safeguarding infrastructure was not just a matter of obeying laws, it is of answering to an inner conscience.
Electing a candidate who buys votes is not obeying God.
'People not obeying the traffic laws is a very serious issue.
If this trend does not stop, beginning this weekend , we will ask law- abiding citizens to stop obeying these laws, stop cooperating with law enforcement agencies and stop cooperating with the state and its agencies,' Mbadi said.
Not obeying the warning shots, the security patrol fired on the vehicles' tyres shooting dead the escort of one of the drivers, who is wanted for "adherence to a terrorist organisation," according to the same source.
How wrong that ministers will waste money appealing against the Bedroom Tax rather than obeying the judge.
If people wish to continue their anti-social habit, build some huts away from the hospital site, and you indignant smokers, stop moaning about the ban and start obeying it.
If the above words of the Prophet are imbibed by his followers, they would be able to safeguard their faith in the religion as well as defend them and their nations by obeying their rulers.
He allows, of course, that "[i]f the terms of the agreement are just, then they should be obeyed because they are just." But in that case, he claims, we are not really obeying the agreement at all.
"It's now all about the country, obeying the law and the constitution," Ali said.
"It's important people keep obeying turtle nesting regulations and obey laws that prohibit going near sea turtle nests," Carli Segelson, Florida Wildlife Commission spokesperson, told the Palm Beach Post.
It's as though people think there's something cissy about obeying the instructions even though they may be for our safety.
However, the accused declined to comply, saying that Islamic law didn't permit "obeying the orders of such a court." They added that friends of the Prophet Mohammad once did not rise in his presence; therefore they had no obligation to rise in the presence of a judge.
"Obeying the Voice of God" is the reflections of Jack MacDonald as speaks about his conversations with the divine.