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marked by courteous submission or respect

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He is tilted forward onto his head and front legs and he just sort of sits there, obeisant, as if he has come to offer his prayers.
Ever obeisant Chief Minister Mamata Bannerji cowered before the blatant intimidation.
of Scottish honour in the face of moral lassitude (Bawsy) or obeisant
From anacrusis to plain, remove the cellophane definitely nothing in Pythagorean deserts looking for Bantu sulfates got to jettison hone or lacerate grin pin in Billie's finger, jazz had gone home was late anacrusis, a steady hour of night on a platter stand in a doorway and we shut that night by play of bumper doors obeisant to steer as half a car or a leg up on beady feminism, anacrusis?
decision, and action." (23) Legal education remains obeisant to the
The rise of Arab nationalism or Muslim fundamentalism or any other force not sufficiently obeisant to US interest would threaten Americans economic and worldwide economic leadership."
(11) This point has obvious appeal to such genres preoccupied with sexual exploits, and erotic manga like Maid in Japan, Rental Maid, 100% Maid and Meido Wo Nerae ("Target Maids") epitomize the submissiveness in such relationships, with all four narratives formulaically centering on the obeisant and innocent qualities of the maid, subdual at the hands of her master, and the ravishing of her body.
The president's behavior, however, did not diverge greatly from his usual modus operandi -- he has long ditched high-ranking officials in favor of lackeys obeisant to him; if an official cannot be budged, Ahmadinejad often simply creates a new post and plugs his man in.
An 86-point word "obeisant", meaning respect, proved crucial in the deciding fifth game, picking up an extra 50 points for using all the letters.
Yesterday, an 86-point word "obeisant", meaning respect, proved crucial in the deciding fifth game, picking up an extra 50 points for using all the letters.
The students represent 26 communities of religious women, and if conversations with a good number of them during a recent two-day visit are at all representative, they are anything but the obeisant sisters of India's past (see sidebar).
As his endeavors produce wondrous success, it's not long before his obeisant followers are taking his word for The Word.
Quietly overlooked in this fluorescence of "support for the arts" is the degree to which individual citizens as well as individual writers and artists become beholden and thereby obeisant to funding cartels.