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Synonyms for obediently

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Synonyms for obediently

in an obedient manner


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References in classic literature ?
"Quickstep!" and Pinocchio obediently changed his step.
"We must go now." And we followed him obediently to the Ivory Door, which he threw open, and signed to me to go through first.
Ambrose looked and listened obediently enough, but inwardly she was prey to an uneasy mood not readily to be ascribed to any one cause.
He laid aside the great, soft fan, and obediently stole away, over the polished floor, on his bare tiptoes.
The youth sat down obediently and the cor- poral, laying aside his rifle, began to fumble in the bushy hair of his comrade.
Charlie obediently sat himself upon a hassock at her feet; the other sinners drew near to catch the words of wisdom about to fall from her lips, and Rose, softened by this gratifying humility, addressed them in her most maternal tone.
"Punctually at eight, sir," said poor old Benjamin, obediently recording his formidable engagement.
Thereupon Anne held her tongue so obediently and thoroughly that her continued silence made Marilla rather nervous, as if in the presence of something not exactly natural.
This sounded nonsense, but Alice very obediently got up, and carried the dish round, and the cake divided itself into three pieces as she did so.
I confess I did not in the least understand what Rouletabille meant by what he had said; but the landlord, as soon as he heard the words, uttered an oath, which he at once stifled, and placed himself at our orders as obediently as Monsieur Robert Darzac had done, when he heard Rouletabille's prophetic sentence--"The presbytery has lost nothing of its charm, nor the garden its brightness." Certainly my friend knew how to make people understand him by the use of wholly incomprehensible phrases.
They may quickly and obediently agree with the PML-N's Rana Sanaullah that these spokespersons are here to counter the Maryam Nawaz 'threat'.
But officers who shut the road were relieved when the pigs obediently turned tail and trotted back to their farm.
He said that your smile, showing the right path to any one, performance of duties obediently etc.
Luna, a cute puppy, sat obediently after Stessel's game, probably thinking she will be rewarded for doing so.
Each 16 oz package honors American military service dog heroes who have served obediently to protect our troops in times of conflict.