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Synonyms for obedient

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Synonyms for obedient

willing to carry out the wishes of others

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Antonyms for obedient

dutifully complying with the commands or instructions of those in authority

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References in classic literature ?
At last, having gone through these proceedings and many others which were equally a part of his system, Mr Quilp left them, reduced to a very obedient and humbled state, and betook himself to the river-side, where he took boat for the wharf on which he had bestowed his name.
He had become simply the obedient and assiduous secretary.
Obedient to more anticipatory bars, she reappeared amidst the half-suppressed cheering of the tipsy men.
According to the author of the opinion piece, the provincial Nero of the political stage, an obedient man with no sense for politics or leadership, in a feat of anger decided to wave with the party seal and hand down exclusions in the highest echelon.
Speaking with TribuneOnline, the deceased father master Samuel Sule expressed his grieved for missing such unique and obedient child, adding that though he felt sad, still thank God for what happened.
From childhood our girls are taught to be obedient to their father, husband or brother.
But a letter he wrote to Prince Charles has been revealed, which he signed: "I have the honour to remain, Sir, your humble and obedient servant."
Janice Pare, inventor of “The Obedient Pup Neck Gaiter Training Aid” created a patent-pending training aid that helps stop a dog from barking and pulling hard on the leash restoring the dog back to a calm state of mind.
As he has been obedient to the commandments of the Father, so the disciples must be obedient to his commandments.
I shouldn't be so quiet and obedient. Veteran Actress Sian Phillips.
Good old tame obedient Wales got an assembly with only secondary powers and the worst Barnett settlement.
Introducing the Kilobots - obedient miniature robots that act together as a "swarm" to form a 1,000-strong army.
The ideal candidate for the role must be friendly, obedient and able to work comfortably with the lights and sounds of the theatre.
Well, my labrador isn't very obedient at all and suffers sudden and extreme deafness whenever he spots a cockroach or discarded kebab.
Steve Pearce published a memoir last month in which he expressed his belief that the wife's role, according to the Bible, is to be obedient to her husband