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Synonyms for obdurate

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Synonyms for obdurate

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Synonyms for obdurate

stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

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References in classic literature ?
Don Stockfish, soul of a mortar, stone of a date, more obstinate and obdurate than a clown asked a favour when he has his mind made up, if I fall upon you I'll tear your eyes out!
A strayed Indian from Lake Le Barge was willing to take his place; but Kama was obdurate. He grunted with a slight intonation of resentment, and that was all.
He seemed to remember a time when he was not quite so rough and obdurate; and almost thought that he had first hated Nicholas because he was young and gallant, and perhaps like the stripling who had brought dishonour and loss of fortune on his head.
'Did you hear me, Miggs?' cried the obdurate lady, stamping her foot upon the ground.
The competition will inevitably get harder, even if Crusaders put up obdurate opposition.
Perhaps our quarrels are so obdurate because we desire more justice than is available in this world.
The Modi government's obdurate behaviour is on the rise after the Pulwama incident.
Bravo faced 165 balls in an obdurate stay at the crease based on patience and a textbook straight bat.
For Leicester and their obdurate boss Claude Puel this is about keeping the visitors at bay and they'll happily forego possession in that pursuit.
They need to be at least four of the following opinionated, obnoxious, obdurate and interesting.
The incoming government has challenges on all sides but there can be few as obdurate as an entrenched bureaucracy that has had decades to prepare its defences.
The turmoil in the Labour Party over anti-semitism will not conveniently disappear during August, and the Conservative Party will continue to tear itself apart, while Brexit will remain the obdurate elephant in the room.
Meanwhile the EU continues to be obdurate and foolish, making a no deal ever closer, even though this would be extremely harmful both to Europe and the UK.
She is the authority on such matters but this obdurate authority consults a barrister.
In recent times the West Indies had the obdurate and infuriating Chanderpaul.