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any of the various shape that leaves of plants can assume

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tomentosa, the fruit is broadly 2-winged, obcordate indehiscent, samaroid.
shoot): P = present, NP = not present; Color of plant: G = glaucoish, BG = bright green, DG = dark green; Stem firmness (Stem firmn.): S = solid, H = hollow; Leaflets form: NO = narrow oblanceolate, OBL = oblanceolate, OBO = obovate, R = round, OBC = obcordate; Leaflet thickness (thick.): T = thin, SF = slightly fleshy, F = fleshy; Leaflet indumentum (indum.): G = glabrous, C = ciliate, H = hairy; Influorescence position (Infl.
Embryo shape: (0) straight, cylindrical; (1) undifferentiated or with slight cotyledons; (2) with two lobes, obcordate. Same sources as for character 61.
Corolla with a single petal usually obcordate, located between the two biggest calyx lobes, color varying among white, yellow, blue-purple or rose; purple or yellow spotted at the centre.
Glabrous anthers, obcordate, dorsifixed (versatile), 0.3-0.5 cm long; slightly rostrate connective; filament glabrous or slightly pilose at the base, usually narrowing towards the anther, 0.6-0.8 cm long.