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seed of the annual grass Avena sativa (spoken of primarily in the plural as 'oats')

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Treats Choose up to x2 per day x3 Oaty pancakes with bananas (see left) x1 Vanilla custard with raspberries (see left) 19.
Then dip it into the beaten egg and finally into the oaty mixture, making sure it is fully covered.
Rolling out to Tesco and Sainsbury's next week, the One Oaty Goodness porridge range will consist of porridge oats (rsp: [pounds sterling]1.
Available in oaty chocolate chip and double chocolate with orange, they are great with a cuppa or a snack.
Tasting seven different sweetened but unflavored soymilks and one unsweetened version from four of the leading brands, the connoisseurs came up with adjectives like baked apples, buttery nuts, oaty, citrus, vanilla, and even redwood bark.
Nature's Path's organic breakfast line consists of Optimum(TM) Power Breakfast(TM), Heritage(R) Multigrain Flakes, Multigrain with Raisin, Millet Rice Flakes, Corn Flakes FJS, Heritage(R) O's, Heritage(R) Flakes, Heritage(R) Muesli, Blueberry Almond Muesli, Honey'd(TM) Corn Flakes, Honey'd(R)Raisin Bran, Mesa Sunrise(R), Kamut(R) Krisp, Shredded Oaty Bites(TM), Shredded Heritage(R) Bites, Crispy Rice(TM) Hemp Plus(TM), Flax Plus(R), Soy Plus(R) and EnviroKidz(TM) organic children's cereals, i.
New York Bakery Co's Bagel Thins, PS1, available from Asda, Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon Fresh 1 THE BAR'S THE STAR These hearty oaty bars are not too sweet and make a great quick - but filling - fix between meals.
Pour this into the oaty mixture and mix well to combine.
29 BAKING James Morton says don't get in a flap over oaty biscuits - his recipe is the best.
Umm we're not sure they are, but they taste nice and oaty.
I will not assume that, after a couple of swift ones in the pub, an array of pre-prepared "festive nibbles" and a carb-heavy four-course, late afternoon lunch, my house-guests are going to require a full cheeseboard, six types of pate, three slices of thick-cut Wiltshire ham, homemade chutney, a bunch of grapes, some oaty biscuits, a head of celery and a warm mince pie apiece, topped with brandy cream.
uk INGREDIENTS 250g Island Bakery Crumbles (or other oaty biscuits) crushed 75g butter, melted 200g Philadelphia cream cheese, softened 250g Ochil fudge (available at Craigies), chilled then roughly grated 600ml double cream, lightly whipped METHOD 1.
RUDOLPH'S CARROT FLAPJACKS These moist oaty slices are packed full of fruits, seeds and spices - a great bake to make with the kids.