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a kiln for drying hops

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TRAVEL FILE ADRIAN CAFFERY stayed at the four-star VisitEngland graded Little Boy Court Oast courtesy of Freedom Holiday Homes.
However, as its popularity grew it remained in situ, and in August last year owners The New World Trading Company announced it had secured a long-term lease agreement for The Oast House and the public space at Crown Square.
Its design is unusual by incorporating the oasts, but they have a purpose with the skylight windows at the top.
The Deal: The four-bedroom, four-bathroom oast house sleeping 12 costs from PS1,200 for three nights.
The castle has now been given to the National Trust, but George is on hand to help the pair convert a recently-abandoned oast house into a nine-bedroom family home.
Not only were the drinks justified, they were highly appropriate because our Kent holiday home for the week was a converted oast house.
FEW actors can b s oast they've had the legendary director Martin Scorsese take it upon himself to find the perfect showcase for them.
reports that it has now completed a line-up of seasonal brands, including Thunderhead Cream Stout for spring, Genuine Oast Ale for summer, Uncle Otto's Octoberfest Marzen for fall and BobbyDazzler for winter.
Round-the-world balloonist Steve Fossett ditches off the Australian c oast.
FOOD AND DRINK The 'rustic' Oast House in Spinnigfields is noted as the place to mingle with Mancunians, and Mr Thomas' Chop House a must-visit for 'British classics', while North Tea Power and Home Sweet Home are highlights from 'Manchester's hipster zone' (aka the Northern Quarter).
Rooms in a converted oast house start at PS90 a night, including breakfast.
Located within Chavasse Park in Liverpool One, the bar and restaurant follows the success of The Smugglers Cove at Albert Dock, and further afield The Oast House, Botanist and Trading House.
It's up against the Richmond Arms at West Ashling, near Chichester, West Sussex, with its wood-fired vintage wagon pizza concept, and the Oast House in Manchester with its winter tepee.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tsarina 9 Psalm 10 Inept 11 Recital 12 Arc 13 Dumfries 16 Landings 17 Nit 19 Bravado 21 Totem 22 Swarm 23 Special DOWN: 1 Stoical 2 Valencia 3 Mitt 4 Spectres 5 Oast 6 Small 8 Acrimonious 13 Dad's army 14 Einstein 15 Stumble 18 Abase 20 Alas 21 Tied QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Make light of 8 Sad 9 Pet 11 Pianist 12 Slate 13 Elm 14 Led 15 Heckler 17 Tow 19 Army 21 Acts 23 Stye 25 Euro 27 Pea 29 Scandal 31 Era 34 Lob 36 Carer 37 Offline 38 Tie 39 Fly 40 Nationality DOWN: 1 Mail 2 Adam 3 Evident 4 Intake 5 Haste 6 Opal 7 Fete 8 Spent 10 Teddy 16 Ray 18 War 20 Rep 22 Cos 24 Tearful 25 Elect 26 On loan 28 Abbey 30 Corgi 32 Rain 33 Area 34 Lift 35 Only
Here, close to the Barn House, Owl House and Oast House tower blocks off Cottsmeadow Drive, is one of the most beautiful walks in the city where you could even pretend that Birmingham has its own beach.