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a holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing

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The inclusion of oarlocks, punting poles, and grappling hooks in the previous excerpt relates to Faris's claim that magical realist texts contain a "strong presence of the phenomenal world" (167).
the oarlock sinking in the water And the boat's stutter and glide
You've got to line up your oarlocks with those, and follow them into the V-wave, or you're chub-bait in the hole.
19-20 event is over, more than 8,000 competitors will have rowed in what the Boston Globe calls "the global Order of the Oarlock.
I don't remember seeing him get into the boat, but suddenly the pale rectangle of the dock was empty and undisturbed and the dark bulk of the boat was gone and there was just the steady creak and thump of a loose oarlock bumping against the wood.
His snores rattled the oarlocks, but didn't seem to have an effect on the fish, as they continued to hammer my Professor No.
Nick heard the oarlocks of the other boat quite a way ahead of them in the mist.
I stared and stared and victory filled up the little rented boat, from the pool of bilge where oil had spread a rainbow around the rusted engine to the bailer rusted orange, the sun-cracked thwarts, the oarlocks on their strings, the gunnels--until everything was rainbow, rainbow, rainbow
Boat whose prow is colored gold, oarlocks wrought from
First, you slip the oars into the round oarlocks or, if you're good, those U-shaped locks.
Our conversation quickly died and soon enough the only sounds accompanying us were the clunking grind of the oarlocks, the chuff of waves breaking as we slowly drove forward, and the odd, straining grunt from Marie as fatigue began to set in.
Rope creaks, pulley squeaks, oars in oarlocks, and other dock sounds helped to flesh out the wharf.
Normally, they would have bludgeoned her between the oarlocks and the stern while her bulk was in the sea but she'd come from beneath them and drifted forward and then, in her wrath, threatened to crack the hull with her thrashings.
Rowing carefully with muffled oarlocks, at early daybreak Barry's meager forces silently slid alongside two heavily-laden British transports.
A pair of hardwood blocks were glued and screwed to the deck amidships and directly "above the center frame to solidly support a pair of oarlocks.