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loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes

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Most recently, he was President and CEO of Oakum Bay Capital.
Chris Grayling is accused of having a Victorian attitude towards prisons and prisoners - treadmills and oakum picking next on his list?
It's not just that cleaning the car is somewhere below stonebreaking or oakum picking on my list of priorities.
Students were taught a number of practical skills such as cotton-winding, knitting stocking, oakum picking, hat-lining and respectable forms of music.
From where did sailors obtain oakum fibre used to seal the gaps in ship's timbers?
One repair option that the city experimented with was oakum packing and cement patches.
LOTHIAN and Borders Police have launched Operation Oakum in a bid to reduce road casualties in the force's area.
Without a supply of hemp for sails and rope and oakum, Britain's navy would collapse in less than 18 months.
According to a work Liber ignium ad comburendos hostes (On the Use of Fire to Conflagrate the Enemy) which was allegedly written by some Marcus Graecus from the 9th century this fire was made from sulphur, resin, oakum, oil and some other components.
akimbo impeach askance gravid captious oakum cogent quizzical fulsome turgid
Wadding between the shot and powder was generally oakum or old rope teased apart over thin cork or paper.
We found out about the "money for old rope" that Victorian prisoners could earn from oakum picking - pulling apart pieces of old rope to be re-used.
Work done by the male inmates included breaking granite, grinding wheat, picking oakum and scrubbing floors.
When we found her, she was sitting in drydock being refitted with oakum and caulking, getting prepared to return to the sea, or so we were led to believe.
They often touched bottom tearing the ship's ropes and oakum, and the biscuit was spoiling, so that he was forced to turn back, also for the reason that he found the sea filled with turtles and whirlpools and very white waters.