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loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes

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oakum street, building 2 - culinary arts building, room 201, edenton, nc 27932.
The plank-bed, the loathsome food, the hard ropes shredded into oakum till one's fingertips grow dull with pain, the menial offices with which each day begins and finishes, the harsh orders that routine seems to necessitate, the dreadful dress that makes sorrow grotesque to look at, the silence, the solitude, the shame--each and all of these things I have to transform into a spiritual experience.
Spinning and weaving industry generates as residue, cotton fibers from facility sweepings, coal-trashing residues from wood burning boiler and dirty cotton oakum with oil and grease used in machine maintenance.
The Star Spangled Banner," "The Anacreontic Song," "The New Bibo," Jack Oakum in the Suds, "The Star Spangled Banner with Brilliant Variations," "For the Commemoration of the Glorious Fourteenth of July," "To Genet in New York," "Hail, Columbia," "Song for George Washington's Birthday, ""Adams and Liberty,"" ""The" Battle of Manassas," "The Social Club," When the Warrior Returns, "For the Fourth of July," "When Death's Gloomy Angel Was Bending His Bow," "The Battle of Baltimore," "Ode for the Fourth of July," "Harrison and Liberty," "Oh
Then oakum, combings, and sundry things dumped on shelves and corner cupboards as was usual in the house of a well-to-do farmer in those days.
Chris Grayling is accused of having a Victorian attitude towards prisons and prisoners - treadmills and oakum picking next on his list?
Besides, we provided oakum as nesting material, and one open and locked live trap covered with leaf litter as refuge.
It's not just that cleaning the car is somewhere below stonebreaking or oakum picking on my list of priorities.
Students were taught a number of practical skills such as cotton-winding, knitting stocking, oakum picking, hat-lining and respectable forms of music.
An orphan, he spends the first nine years at a baby farm; when he is nine, he is moved to the main workhouse and put to work picking oakum.
LOTHIAN and Borders Police have launched Operation Oakum in a bid to reduce road casualties in the force's area.
One repair option that the city experimented with was oakum packing and cement patches.
According to a work Liber ignium ad comburendos hostes (On the Use of Fire to Conflagrate the Enemy) which was allegedly written by some Marcus Graecus from the 9th century this fire was made from sulphur, resin, oakum, oil and some other components.
They douse oakum with kerosene from cans, toss it around in different places, set it on fire, and quickly join the hooting and hollering crowd that crosses over from this shop to others, following the drum signal.
Without a supply of hemp for sails and rope and oakum, Britain's navy would collapse in less than 18 months.