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(used of women) affected with excessive sexual desire

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In fact, on his first night out, Sam is treated to a sort of lap dance by a Decepticon posing as a nymphomaniacal freshman--one of several more overtly sexual nods in this episode (including a shot of John Turturro in a G-string).
No obstante, la Reina castiza no ha logrado saciar sus apetencias sexuales en la romeria, sino que al llegar a palacio se cita con su amante oficial, don Gargarabete, y a continuacion llega a aceptar en su alcoba a su esposo: "Spain's nymphomaniacal queen will in the next moment consummate her marriage to the impotent, homosexual royal consort!" (Dougherty 24).
A SCHOOL friend once told me, as we shared a Park Drive behind the bike sheds, that it was his lifetime's ambition to marry a blonde, nymphomaniacal cookery teacher who owned a pub.
By contrast, one might point to the sexual simile in Snow Crash describing the protective nature of a motorcycle's computerized "aerodynamic cowling": "wraps around you like a nymphomaniacal gymnast" (270).