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Synonyms for nymphomaniac

a woman with abnormal sexual desires

(used of women) affected with excessive sexual desire

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Firstly, in order to investigate the nature of the relationship between nymph and nymphomaniac, I will establish that this relationship exists.
In fact, the audience I saw "Nymphomaniac'' with broke into the film with a huge round of applause for Thurman.
You may have heard that Nymphomaniac, the new movie by Lars von Trier, is pornographic.
MOVIE REVIEW: NYMPHOMANIAC: VOLUMES I & II (2014) If you're feeling a bit adventurous and have four hours to spare, then "Nymphomaniac" can prove to be a pretty satisfying exercise in cinematic indulgence and artistry.
22, since the film being played over the coughing of tear-gassed spectators that night was Lars von Trier's "Nymphomaniac: Vol.
Washington, Mar.17 ( ANI ): Christian Slater has admitted that the sex scene in his latest movie 'Nymphomaniac' was an awkward scene and it was challenging.
Most of Nymphomaniac is a porno in ratings only (released unrated in the US, its "true," hard-core self is hiding somewhere in Europe, like Polanski).
He wore a similar bag bearing the same words at the Berlin Film Festival premiere of his latest film ''Nymphomaniac.''
Malone shattered that nice-girl image in 1956 with her Academy Award-winning portrayal of the nymphomaniac daughter of a Texas oil baron in Written on the Wind (1956).
Pauline Bonaparte was Napoleon I's younger sister and she achieved fame in her lifetime for three principal reasons: she was a nymphomaniac; she posed virtually in the nude for Canova's famous recumbent statue (now in the Museo Borgh-ese in Rome); and, finally, she alone of the Bonaparte family was loyal to her brother after his fall, loyal enough to sell possessions in order to help him during his time on Elba.
doctors LOOK out for two former soap stars this week - Carol Harrison, who played Tiffany Mitchell's mum, Louise, guest stars as a nymphomaniac patient who fancies Simon.
In which hit drama series did she play an agoraphobic nymphomaniac?
But his new girlfriend, a nymphomaniac named Narcissa (Maria de Medeiros), who listens to her tapeworm the way Edward G.