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a frenzy of emotion

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Alternating periods of surrender to nympholepsy, a brief marriage, and stays in sanatoria punctuate these travels.
His major study, Fascination: Faulkner's Fiction, 1919-1936 (Duke UP, 1989), brilliantly and eclectically using the tools of contemporary criticism, philosophy, and psychoanalysis (Bergson, Sartre, Merleau-Ponty, Starobinski, Barthes, Lacan), as well as the examples of poets (Mallarme), traced the recurring themes of Faulkner's fiction to some focal scenes of possession and frustrated desire (as the opening of Sanctuary) and to hitherto often overlooked early texts (as "The Hill" and "Nympholepsy").
Rave's epileptic bombardment of stimuli (staccato beats and strobes) reflects the subculture's essence: "nympholepsy," "an ecstasy or frenzy caused by desire of the unattainable."
The reason Aphrodisias could do this is simply that there is no setting better suited to preserving those ironic possibilities, that the "love" portrayed in Browning's poem is really nympholepsy or erotomania, with which several critics have sought to counter any smack of sentimentality in the poem's conclusion.
In "The Hill" of 1922 and "Nympholepsy," perhaps derived from "The Hill" but composed around 1925, a young man returns from a day's hard labor in rural fields.