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a sexually attractive young woman

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The deliberately ambiguous title denotes specifically the little nymphet who epitomizes everything that American beauty is--and is not.
Humbert believes that the demoniac qualities of nymphets as well as the metaphysical dimension of his lust absolve him from restraints.
Denny argues that far from the flirtatious nymphet of legend, she was a naive victim of child abuse, pushed to power by her ambitious and scheming family.
And just to be safe, I may move my naked Greek nymphet inside each night when it goes dark.
But that's the name he plumped for in 1994 when he reinforced the remnants of his previous band, Union Carbide Productions, with kindred spirits from the likes of Whipped Cream, Electric Eskimos and The Nymphet Noodlers.
she's not a nymphet. As a female director, I did a lot of fighting about that to keep her on the project.
During his first sexual encounter with Lolita, which involves rubbing against the leg of an ostensibly oblivious nymphet, Humbert describes the act in terms that posit parallels between its precarious balance and the strategies of his narrative as a whole.
Part 2 contains five essays on "literary and cultural contexts." My favorite essays in this section are seemingly bizarre: Pifer's "Her Monster, his Nymphet: Nabokov and Mary Shelley," and Johnson's "Vladimir Nabokov and Rupert Brooke." It is rather common to compare Nabokov and Dostoyevsky, but it requires brilliance to see Lolita as a Gothic novel or to see Nabokov as an "Apollo."
The writer is going to the theater festival in Avignon, and an attendant who services his car turns out to be an old acquaintance, Vincent, who once lodged him in a sumptuous Parisian apartment in the seventies, when they and another friend shared the favors of the beautiful nymphet, Anais, a girl who never said no.
Juliet was a prepubertal nymphet when she fell for Romeo.
In films such as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Pollyanna and Little Lord Fauntleroy, Pickford played the heroine with idealism and spunk, and a subtle suggestion of the nymphet. She formed United Artists with Griffith and Charlie Chaplin in 1919 and married Douglas Fairbanks in 1920.
His concept of the biblical nymphet often crossed her mind recently as she coached actress Miriam Cyr for the Oscar Wilde play, produced at Stamford Center for the Arts in December 1993.
It endures as one of the most acclaimed entries in the canon of literature from the second half of the last century, having introduced words like "nymphet" and, for sure, "Lolita" into our lexicon.