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women's stockings made from a sheer material (nylon or rayon or silk)

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Single-pigment, custom color-matched, and additive dispersions in PE, PP, nylons, and polyesters in any quantity.
In this paper, we wish to suggest that the blends of nylon 6 (or nylon 66) homopolymer and copolymers of these nylons behave like the rare isomorphous blends.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 7, 2019-: Global Nylon 6 & 66 Market Analysis by Product, Application, and Region 2014-2019 & 2025
Nylon 6 12 is a category of long alkane-segment nylons with commercially significant and increasingly extensive application [7].
There's a pleasing element of wit in Nengudi's reconfigurations of this alternately protective, constrictive, and "improving" article of women's clothing, as the dissected nylons demonstrate the absurd practicality of their own construction.
Nylons (or polyamides) are important thermoplastic materials, which are commercially produced and processed for many applications.
Unlike some TPE nylon overmolds that are more suitable for multi-shot overmolding only, the Versaflex OM 6100 Series of TPEs is said to provide much more process flexibility in that they are suitable for both insert and multishot injection molding processes.
Radiation-crosslinkable nylons have been available for several years in Europe and in Japan and used for applications such as connectors, automotive parts (saving weight in high-heat areas), and military bushings.
The odd-odd nylons are the attractive family because of their ferroelectric and piezoelectric activity [11, 12].
Parts made of lower-number nylons are destroyed in some solvents (such as alcohols and aliphatic, aromatic, and chlorinated hydrocarbons) if they are under stress and dry.
Therefore, the [[sigma].sub.e]/[[sigma].sub.u] ratio calculated for the unreinforced nylons with low and high weld pressures is within the range of the [[sigma].sub.e]/[[sigma].sub.u] ratio obtained by Stokes [9] for various butt-welded thermoplastics in similar testing conditions.
In the last couple of years, a developing global supply/demand squeeze in nylon 66 has led some engineering thermoplastic suppliers, compounders and distributors to be on the ready to address continued capacity constraints and higher prices with alternative engineering resins.
Polyamide (PA), commonly known as nylon, is one of the largest engineering thermoplastics materials used in automotive, electronics, and packaging applications.
Probably a nylon. Air cleaners are made with nylon and polypropylene.
Monomer casting (MC) nylon is a new type of engineering plastics, which is synthesized by anionic polymerization with caprolactam (CL) as the major raw material, under normal pressure, pouring directly to a mold preheated to a certain temperature.