nylon stocking

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women's stockings made from a sheer material (nylon or rayon or silk)

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They scurried to get their supplies: 100 bottles of soda and a few dozen pairs of ladies' nylon stockings.
However, let that child make a minibungee jump by putting an egg in the toe of a nylon stocking to test how far it can drop before it splatters, and consider it a lesson in engineering learned.
Tel: 212-315-2911.) Or--secure a bar of soap in the middle of an old nylon stocking with knots on each side.
It's easy to find a lost contact lens, even in carpet or grass, by pulling a nylon stocking over the end of a shop vacuum nozzle and running it over the area.
The success of nylon owed less to Du Pont's promotion of the new material as an achievement of modern chemistry, than to female consumers' awareness of the practical benefits, and even sensuous qualities, of nylon stockings. After nylon became a symbol of sacrifice during World War II, women rioted at stores to protest nylon stocking shortages and demand "a promised future of material abundance" (p.
The secret is to center the leaf on a 4-inch square cut from a nylon stocking and bind the square firmly around an egg by gathering the corners, pulling them tight, and tying them with string; a second pair of hands can help.
It's time to dust off the kingfish rods, check the guides for wear with an old nylon stocking to make sure all are secure without breakage, and get reels in early for service.
Simply add a handful of the herbs to an old nylon stocking or a muslin bag and add these to the bath.
Cut about a 6-inch length of nylon stocking and tie a knot in one end, turning the knot to the inside of the nylon.
Their inheritance was a little money in a nylon stocking and a handkerchief, a lot of despair and each other.
The jar was filled with two oddly shaped sock people with nylon stocking faces known as "Pickled People." Students made comments such as, "Those are funny looking." "How did they do that?" and "Can we try it?" I decided to combine this activity with a lesson on facial features and proportions.
An old nylon stocking stretched over the inlet opening would have been another filter, but it was never necessary.
(To keep rootballs intact, first slip them into sections of nylon stocking.) Water wreath.
A nylon stocking was then pulled over the top to bottom of the wire sculpture.
Massachusetts police arrived at a chemist's shop in Quncy to find Steven Jakaitis, 42, sleeping in his car with a nylon stocking over his head and a cap pistol in his pocket.