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Synonyms for nuzzle

Synonyms for nuzzle

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for nuzzle

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

rub noses


Related Words

dig out with the snout

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He two in his nuzzling his That's who I should have married.
1 million viewings of the streaming video, allowing viewers to see scenes such as the calf nuzzling to nurse from her mother, Katie.
They use their body or head to say hello to a person or pride by rubbing or nuzzling.
Some just hang around the cars, others are provocatively nuzzling into the door mirrors with pouting lips egged on by men with cameras the size of rockets zooming in - and it's not the cars they are after.
Why could us girls not have dropdead gorgeous hunks with rippling six packs draping themselves over the bonnets of the Lamborghinis or the suave sophisticated elegant Italian men in their tight fitting trousers nuzzling their posteriors into the door mirrors of the Ferraris?
The former Boyzone favourite clearly had enjoyed a Guinness or three too many and was snapped nuzzling wife Yvonne's cleavage.
Who but Robbins would find romance in the nuzzling of Hall's sneakered foot against Rutherford's?
Laci, who became the hospital's first therapy dog six years ago, was well acquainted with Pratt, frequently walking over to the woman and nuzzling Pratt with her snout.
Eschewing such blatant appeals to patriotism and devoid of fripperies such as cute coats, the blind Bedlington simply canvassed support by nuzzling up to the judges.
The main facade both addresses and forms part of the street, nuzzling up to the two retained houses, but its abstract geometry and increase in scale clearly denote a civic rather than domestic character.
Horses, dogs, cats and other furry pets everywhere are nuzzling up to a unique new grooming tool called the Groomer's Stone.
Emotional factors - people of all ages seem to enjoy nuzzling breasts and many enjoy having them nuzzled; it leads to closeness.
A major college basketball coach is caught guzzling beer and nuzzling coeds at a student party.
she asks as the animals begin nuzzling at the bucket from their hind legs.