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Synonyms for nuzzle

Synonyms for nuzzle

to lie or press close together, usually with another person or thing

Synonyms for nuzzle

move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

rub noses


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dig out with the snout

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The elk puts her head down to nuzzle the dead grasses at the forest edge, then rushes at the doe, who quickly exits.
owner of the dog that was attacked, said that Nuzzle is recovering and when he and the yellow Labrador resume their nightly walk, he will avoid North Common Street.
The statue, by Belgian artist Jan Fabre, is part of an art exhibition along the Belgian coastline; a model wears this creation as part of Lei Basica's 2004 Spring/Summer collection at Rio Fashion Week; a pair of African Elephants nuzzle up to each other at the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Gaborone, Bostwana, visited by US President George W Bush
TROPICAL CORAL gave trainer Alistair Lidderdale his first winner on turf this year after two all-weather successes, when edging out Nuzzle in the fillies' handicap.
Mimicking real fish, the virtual fish show courtship rituals; males dance, circle, ascend, and nuzzle female partners.
Go near Roboraptor's face when he's hunting and he'll behave aggressively; approach him when he's playful and he'll nuzzle your hand.
3) Ellie Laks-Callahan, The Gentle Barn's founder, and miniature horse Bonsai enjoy a nuzzle.
The volume is generated from comparatively simple plan diagrams, in which circles nuzzle each other to form mythic shell- or womb-like spaces.
However, at a stewards' inquiry into an incident involving the unplaced Nuzzle on the home bend, his apprentice rider Chris Cogan was found guilty of careless riding and stood down for three days
This movement is repeated by all in the final moments of the ballet, with an added vampirish nuzzle to the men's necks.
Beachport Entertainment will produce the theatrical show which will feature many of the popular characters from The Puzzle Place -- Ben, Julie, Leon, Kiki, Skye, Jody, Nuzzle and Sizzle, along with the Piece Police.
Bugsy took one look at it, then started to nuzzle and lick the orang- utan affectionately - hence a beautiful friendship.
Sometimes they put their head in the kid's lap or nuzzle or let the kid rub their belly while they read to the dog,'' Kelly said.
WELL, you know what they say, it's not properly your birthday until a plump, ageing lady strips, covers herself in cream and forces you to nuzzle her.