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a person who is regarded as eccentric or mad

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Does she suggest we pedestrians should then walk on the road to avoid nutters cycling on pavements?
Summary: Nicola Monteath speaks to Manchester-based chef and TV personality Andrew Nutter, billed to be Britain's 'next big thing', on the importance of being nice.
I have never written to the Lib Dems or complained about them, yet they are branding me a nutter.
This colourful, healthy offering from celebrity chef Andrew Nutter is sure to whet appetites and add a little sizzle to the barbecue.
Div 3: Lions 4 (Walker 2, Taylor, Horsley), Nutters 6 (Teece 3, Parfitt 2); Fishermen 6 (K Flounders 3, G Flounders 2), Pongers 4 (Chadwick 2, Dixon, Iverson).
Apparently, Andrew Nutter has had his own television series Nutter Nutter and appeared on various celebrity chef programmes.
A security source said: "There are plenty of Diana-crazy nutters out there who will always have a grudge against both Charles and Camilla no matter what they do.
Her husband, Paul Nutter, served as a Marine Lance Corporal and spent 13 months in-country, sending and receiving letters to and from 19-year-old Francie Nolan, a young woman who grew up a few doors down from Paul.
The Public:they are not all bad, there are the nutters as well
The kook cake goes to the aptly named Duncan Nutter, 42, an aspiring actor who transplanted his long-suffering wife and
The Nutters used the tractor on their farm for years afterward.
When you go to Parkhead or Old Trafford it can be a hostile environment and Martin has reduced the number of nutters because he has given them less to be nuts about.
It was the Colin Davison Handicap Cup Final, and the two teams were the Northfield Nutters and the Northfield Dynamos, both Division three sides.
Stockport-born beauty Tess said of the bickering judges: "They're all nutters, really.